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Sieg Machines / Gear cutting on the X3 Mill
« on: November 25, 2007, 04:35:14 PM »
Four video's uploaded to You Tube on the X3 mill.



John S.


Should it really be 60 " long by 22" high or has the units get changed over in the DXF ?

John S.

The credit isn't mine but V Carves.

The Llanfair badge was just copy pasted from text off the web [ you don't expect me to be able to spell this ?  :o ], brought into V Carve as text in New Times Roman, a box drawn round it and told to do internal radii and that was it.

The code went into Mach and it was cut using a home made 20 degree vee cutter like a D bit.

The Tich badge is CNC cut but it's been spay painted with wrinkle paint then linished when dry to give the cast effect.

Shoot me a DXF of your badge and I'll sent the code back so you can have a play.

John S.

Not sure Rob, I have two machines here but both are having mods done to them.
Hopefully towards the end of the week.

Here's a silly one that I did a while ago, again with V Carve.

Raised text and internal radii at the corners, note the gg's for the clarity of engraving, all down to V Carve.
Most of these are just examples that I do for the sample board we take to shows and are not actual jobs as such.

Again note the sharp internal corners

John S.

Sieg Machines / Re: Does Mach3 work with the new Seig KC6 CNC lathe?
« on: November 25, 2007, 05:51:19 AM »
does anybody know if the creater of Mach3 software is going to try and get his software to work with this new lathe from Sieg?  I wonder who would make the cnc controller?

Mach 3 IS the CNC controller.

What you mean is who is making the driver box ? In this case as it has a siemens controller it's probably propriatry but the driver box is only a 2 axis version of the same box that goes into say a KX3 mill.

You have asked this same question all over the web and all it takes is a power supply, two drivers, a breakoit board and a liitle work to do this.

The machine is not special in any way, many have converted lathes. You need to be asking Sieg IF they intend to sell this as a Mach3 machine and what their proposed dealer network will be.

Second choice is to buy a bare one and convert it yourself as some are already doing ?

John S.

Not cut this yet as I'm waiting for a machine to be finished and some brass but this is for a friend who has a display engine that goes to shows.

Done in V Carve, awesome program.

John S.

It's not a project unless you call a unicycle Stephensons Rocket a project.

It's just one of the test pieces we run on the X3's before shipping to a customer. It's not even for a model as it was just drew up in CAD to 'look' right

John S.

Loco wheel cut in EN8 steel about 3" diameter

Two cutters, 6mm to block out and 3mm to cut the spokes. 12 minutes and 23 minutes for each operation,
Could go faster but wanted to save the cutters.

John S.

--- In mach1mach2cnc@yahoogroups.com, "austartisan" <bartlett.darius@...> wrote:
> G'Day ALL!!!!!!
> I say "G'Day ALL----as I am totally confused, so I would like some
> simple, honest answers from somebody!!!!! I am a "lurker" paid me
> money for my Mach license and have my Campbell board and after
> fiddling around on ebay for second hand bits and pieces have decided
> to spend the pennies saved from my pension on a small CNC
> machine--don't get me wrong my workshop runs a number of wood and
> metal machines!!!!!!! But I am confused; I was going to buy a X3
> machine made by Sieg in China and I was hoping that it was not another
> "kit" from a backyard trader who takes your money but cannot show you
> a working machine or has no support system. I have looked at lots of
> pictures on the half dozen forums and read hundreds of posts. The big
> questions now are who is making what?, who is "trolling" the forums
> picking up information and recycling same as thier own, Who is
> actually thinking and working the solutions up, eg motor mounts on one
> machine look like exact copies of another makers X3. Mr Tans machine
> is called a "China Product" but appears to be out of the Phillipines.
> So do I buy a Sieg X3CNC?Huh???Is it a Chinese machine, a backstreets
> of Manila job, a "lock-up" from some London suburb, an american or
> english re-baged and new paint job kit of parts?
> It's not just the machine, it's the support, the guarantees, the spare
> parts the general help and advice for new players like myself ? If the
> "SieG X3" CNC is now cobbled together from parts from all over the
> planet, and from suppliers and countries with no track record in the
> field, and if those players seem to pay scant regard for the
> intellectual work done by others, I think I should give anything
> calling itself Sieg or X3 CNC a big miss!
> I live in the middle of France; I am retired and do not work for
> anyone; I buy from anyone who offers me fair service for a fair price;
> I take exception to "dealers" pretending to be something else; I do
> not trust people who do not respect the intellectual property of
> others and I dislike the "loaded sort of questions and the approach of
> Mr Tan? Sieg? Sybil and others who want more personal information or
> query my status.
> So, can anyone tell me what is going on. At this stage I will not
> purchase a Sieg product. Undecided Undecided Undecided Undecided
> Darius Bartlett.
> Crezancy en Sancerre.
> France.
> (Check the email address or google on the "austartisan" membership name)

Darius, lets try and work down your questions in order.

First off there are two models the X3 and the super X3, basically they are the same but differ in the motor drives to the head.
the X3 has a two speed geared head and 600w DC variable speed motor and the SX3 has a single speed 1000W variable speed motor, the SX3 can also tilt although what use this is on a CNC defies me .

Both machines are made by Sieg and sold on as Sieg. Some are then taken and converted to CNC either by kits or complete turn key machines by differing companies.
Support on the manual machines is carried out by the importers concerned at various levels. One only has to read news groups to find out who actually supports their products and who is just concerned with selling boxes.

Sieg has now realised there is a market for turnkey CNC's and has addressed that with the machine Weedy Tan has posted on various groups. This is also a genuine Sieg product so now the stable consists of three machines although this machine is not on general release yet.

As regards support for the CNC range this is even worse than the manual machine as the importers can now wash their hands of them and throw it back onto the kit makers. Lets face it would you spend time and money on a machine someone else had been paid for?

It also depends on what country you are in as to what service you can get.
The Syil machine for example is sold here in the UK by an importer who can't support it and it has to be supported from Syil in America with the appropriate waiting due to time differences.

There are many reports on CNC Zone about the documentation or rather lack of it that accompanies these machines.

As  regards the intellectual work done by others that'd hard to clarify after all it's hard to get away from two machines that started off life the same and should do the same when finished.
Just how they perform and the quality of the donated parts makes up this difference.
However there is a difference and it does show in the quality of the work, dedication to support and general interest in the subject as opposed to just banking cheques.

There is nothing wrong with the Sieg machines, they make a good donor to do a conversion at a reasonable cost.
For a small extra outlay they can be improved even more, lets face it for ********* ? euro's / dollars/ pounds you are getting a machine for a fraction of what it would cost to make in the West.
So there are two ways of looking at it.

One are the cheapskates who say the machine cost me ********* dollars and so and so wants YYY dollars to improve it, I'm not paying 1/3 as much again [ or whatever ] to do this.

The second school of thought say if I buy this for ********* and then spend YYY to improve it I will still have a better machine than one costing a lot more at ZZZ.

The second type of person is someone who knows what they are doing and can see long term.
The first type of person is a wanker and it's a pity his dad wasn't

John S.


3) P Riedie's questions - this, indeed, is a very political loaded question :) What Syil supposedly infers may be a language communication perception or mis-perception. I can understand the underlying Chinese language idiosyncrasies but I can not represent Sieg to give a definitive answer. Sorry!

Thanks and have a good day all,

I think the word you are looking for  is not perception or mis-perception but mis - direction  ;D
One can't help but see the added value they are getting linking to Sieg's name.

Thanks for the reply on the controller.

John S.

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