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General Mach Discussion / Re: mach don't control the spindle switch
« on: March 27, 2008, 03:35:04 PM »
Hi Guys,

We manufactures the stepper controller board, which "superbec" using.
The board uses step and direction signals as inputs and drives 3 steppermotors and there's a single closing contact relay on it.

The relay is connected to pin8 of the LPT port. There's a direct centronix connector on the board, so the LPT port can be wired directly to the board with a standard LPT printer cable.

This board is not a new design, especially I have designed it around 6 years ago and it is working well in many machines till we released it.
It does not include any special element, all motor step/dir inputs and relay input are simply opto-isolated and the step dir signals connected to microcontrollers, they drives the motors through power Mosfets.

I have contacted with Bec, and found out, that the relay and it's opto-coupler and it's driver transistor is not faulty, because with an LPT tester program, the relay can be switched on/off with simply changing the output-pin8.

So, the problem is located into Mach. It does not change pin8 output with M3 and M5 codes, I asked Bec to measure pin8's Voltage and MACH doesn't change Voltage level...
I'm also wondering about the problem why axis stops moving when MAXNC mode is disabled. (Our board does not have any MAXNC hardware, so it should be disabled)

With the same settings as Bec is now using the axis and relay works well at me and at some*100 users, so I wondering what can be the problem?!

I can only advice to reinstall MACH and/or try it out on another computer.

I appritiate if somebody have any idea about this problem, because at the moment I'm out of ideas about it.

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