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General Mach Discussion / Re: Formula use in Mach 3 secret
« on: March 17, 2008, 09:50:26 AM »

Thanks for your prompt response to my quiry.  I am trying to work on the end of a cylinder.  Actually I am attempting to do ornamental work on wood boxes and have worked out how to make my cuts on the perimeter including circular work, circles , ellipses, etc, and now am trying to do the same on the end of the cylinder which would actually be the top of these boxes held in a rotary table much like a lathe.  I know that I will need some formula to work out the moves .  An example of what I am trying to do would be to scribe a circle using the rotary motion of A combined with either Y or Z motion.  I do not understand how to use the formula feature in the configuration panels for Mach 3.  As I stated previously,  I can't seem to get any formula to do anything.  I am a newby and the use of the fomula feature is a big mystery.  How do I get mach 3 to compensate for the radius of the tool from the center of rotation of the A axis as it scribes a circle that is not concentric to the A axis?  I will try the code that you have shown in your post but have to ask what the formulas you listed would do??

Thanks, Woodeye

General Mach Discussion / Formula use in Mach 3 secret
« on: March 16, 2008, 08:58:46 PM »
I have searched for information regarding use of formulas in Mach 3 and can find nothing explaining the use of this feature.  I am assuming that from all outward appearance that it was intended to modify axis interpolation?  I have tried several  times to use simple formulas to test and cannot get anything to work.  I have been successful in engraving on the perimeter of a cylinder by substituting Y axis for A axis for  my rotary table and am now wanting to do circular iinterpolation on the end of a cylinder that is rotating in my rotary table and need a formula that would adjust the axis as the cut moves to the center of rotation and visa versa. What is the secret to get any formula to work with Mach 3 ??

Thanks, Woodeye

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