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It seems that the Fanuc can be the problem. I will take this thread to your personal message, as it is not relevant to Mach3. I will look at the tests you can do and tell you what to do.


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« on: December 06, 2007, 05:44:54 PM »
Have you checked the tick box?

Whacko for tick boxes

The "speed controller amplifier at maximum" is a strong indicater that you have a faulty tacho or cable. The tacho will give a DC volt reading if you spin the motor. 2V for 100 RPM. This is a way to check the tacho. Depending on the size of the motors, you can spin them manually with a big drilling machine. Just remember to disconnect the power and motor before you do that. Some tacho's are multipole DC generators with Carbon brushes. Check the brushes if there is any.


I have lots of cool tools...

I cannot read those schematics from siemens... the voltages are not marked what they are suppose to be, and then in the reading part, it only references to things like the DC Link voltage, but not where it orginates, and terminates..

seems that the fault is "speed controller amplifier at maximum" V2 , V6, V10 at card N1.

I have read the voltages at G0 on 73.1 and 73.2 and 72.. they are :

9 = 19v DC
64 = -1v DC or 1v AC... cannot decide what it is suppose to have.
72 = 24v DC
73.2 = 0v - .2v DC

Across 64 and 9 you should have 0 volt. If not your enable contact isn't closed.
The voltages you stated, what was your reference point. Did you measure to chassis ground? And remember to reset the fault. Do you leave the unit powered up? You can reset the fault by powering down, but that means everything, if there is a backup standby voltage from the Fanuc, you should disconnect it for a while after you powered down. You can bridge the terminals 64 and 9 manually to enable the drives, but stand by in case the motor takes off, especially while the CNC is booting up. On some systems there is an drives enable pushbutton, once the CNC controller has booted you press it to enable the drives. Is your system like that?


Apologies for not replying sooner, I have too many things happening at the moment. I'm going to check on the drives and tell you what the voltages should be. You said you overun the one axis. Did it cause any strain to any limits or cables?


It seems like you lost the backup voltage for fault memory. Do you have a multimeter? I'm going off the the factory now, I will return to the post later. The manual I sent you is for the SimoDrive210X the X could be different numbers, for instance 2105 etc. It covers all the drives in this category.
You could start by checking cables that have movement on them. Disconnect all power and check the cables to your motors from end to end with a multimeter and check if you have continuity accross the tacho's. The SimoDrives do a bootup diagnostic test and will fail if there is any discrepancy.


Never mind, I emailed it to your email account!

Whacko for fast fingers

I see you have been on cnczone forum with this one, did you try to get the manual from Siemens? This is the link http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=36225


It all depends on your background I would say. It is a relative question, for my part, the hardest part is getting information and applying the information on software issues. I have a suggestion for you regarding your mill. Have you run some advanced searches with a good search engine like Google? You will be amazed at what information you can find if you look hard enough. An example "WebbMatic 800" +service +manual
What is the model number of your Siemens drives? We used Siemovert Siemens drives on the big Lazers which is AC drives. If you post the exact model number, I might have a service manual on the drives.


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