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Some Pictures. We have two drums full of these chips/material shavings...

Next retrofit upgrade ... A chip conveyor perhaps?

What's the total cycle time for these 24 holes in the flange. I believe these are the same flanges we used as test loads on the machine. These were 315 kg each.

Centre marking may take atleast 2 Hours for these 24 holes by manually... I think we saved 24 Hours in CNC drilling for single flange...

I know 24 hours mean a lot for a plant turnaround. I wonder if this saved time will result in you getting some extra time to spend at home or more work load piled up at your shop to speed things up ;-)

Nice job. How do you compare the cycle time with your previous setup, including the time spent in marking the plate manually and punching centers on it. You can save time by overriding the rapid speed to the max. You'll have to make changes to config/general config menu and deselect "Lock Rapid FRO to Feed FRO". That way your rapid feed will remain at max. while you change the Machining FRO.

Converting videos to mpg doesn't compress them as much as you can with xvid. Did you try the virtualdub tutorial I sent to you. Still waiting for the coolant drain systm videos.

I've downloaded the videos. What speeds and feeds are you using for each drill. Give us some details of the setup. What type of drills and also the steel grade of the drilled plate etc.

Your camera saved videos in uncompressed avi format last time when I used it. These videos are mpg. Did you convert the files to mpg or changed settings on the camera. Virtualdub can't handle mpg files.

That's exciting news Khalid. The machine we built is finally doing it's job. Did you get the video's compressed. If not then just copy them to a micro SD card and send it to me through courier. I'll be waiting for the videos.

I am really proud of NED university of Engineering and Technology for giving such brilliant engineers to our country...

Haha. You are also one of them ;). NED زندہ باد


Zafar, you knew well the use of Planner bed for this machine was my IDEA..have you remember...;) and getting the BUTLER bed was your idea..i love Old European make machines... They made it strong and they put their best brains and mind in  designing these machines...

Heheh. You are right Khalid. It was your idea. But we had to spend 4 weeks designing the new structure, getting quotes for castings, linear guides and all to justify that we can't beat a good old planar structure ;).

NOW yu know why everyone else in the world was buying up ALL of our old machines. What we saw as junk they KNEW was just a refurbish away from being better than new iron again. It was all well seasoned. 

(;-) TP

You are right. The castings around and before 80's were much better than the ones we get these days. For heavy structures we always head towards the local junkyards first. It sometimes becomes difficult to explain this to the customer though ;-)

That looks excellent, also look forward to the videos :)
Great to see how an old machine can be brought back to life and end up doing much more than it could originally and not at massive expense :)
Was thinking the Y was backwards for a bit then realised that the control station is at the back.

Actually it should be X here. They are going to repaint it :).

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