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General Mach Discussion / Motors won't run smooth
« on: March 08, 2008, 10:22:20 AM »
 Hi All,

I'm new to CNC and having some issues and could use some help.

What I am working with: 
Xylotex 4 axis board preset to 1/8 step?
269oz nema motors

Home made machine built from 8020 stock
3 axis ball screws with motors directly connected.
Mach3 2.63

Issues I'm having:

Problem #1
- I was able to setup mach3 but not understanding how to calculate the motor tuning (even after watching the video and reading the manual). I'm unsure if this helps but I measured the distance when manually rotating the Y axis and it was 10mm for one full rotation.

Problem #2
- The motors will not run smooth on or off the machine. It seems like it's thumping, in other words it runs fast and slow all by itself (same pressure on the jog).  I've reinstalled a fresh copy of xp on the laptop I'm using and installed sp2. Could it be interference? I don't have any  other components plugged into the laptop besides the parallel port. 

Thanks to everyone in advance for any help/tips you can provide.


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