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I know they are running 5V TTL compatible logic.  From there I should be able to reverse engineer the rest.  I bought one extra to blow up :-).  What does Mach require form an encoder?  Just a square wave?

HAHAHAHA, that is who I bought them from.  He does not have the data sheet.

I think that is the next step

No luck.  I managed to stump google on this one.  Any other ideas?

Does any one have the datasheet for a HP HEDS-7500 Optical Encoder??

Thats what I was thinking.  That is why I put it on e-bay.

Does any one know what a "G&L Beijer MAC/ MTA E300 Operator Interface Panel" is, or if I could adapt it to run with Mach?

Well, I think I am going to go with that, regardless of belt or friction, the device is the same.  What does mach 3 want for inputs from an encoder?

My CNC is stepper based. But that does not matter, I have play in the lead screws.  I can not attach the encoders to the lead screws as they will not pickup the play. So how about using encoders with a pulley on the far side of my CNC and a big cable loops that is mounted to the  cutting table? So when the table moves the mounted section goes with it, causing the loop to shift.  I just pick up the rotation count at one end.  I can use the brains out of a wheel mouse and a little bit of circuitry. What you think?

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