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General Mach Discussion / closing the loop in mach?
« on: August 21, 2008, 01:17:55 PM »
My CNC is stepper based.   It happens to be a home built systems, so it does not work, all the time. I have added 3 encoder to my CNC looking to make my CNC closed loop. From what I can tell, this is not supported by mach.  It can be done with extra hardware, but only for fault states.  I am looking to do on the fly position correction. Is this possible?  Could it be done with a plugin?

Hood, you did mention it first, I was just not to sure what it did.  I am looking for a board that can correct errors, not just stop on them. I think I can do that with a plug-in.  At this point, and that cost $129, I think I will build my own close loop Mach plugin, if that is possible.  Currently know NOTHING about Mach's plugins, yet :-)

My CNC is a simple 3 axis, home brew CNC.  Nothing special.  Here it is, with out the dust shield covering the X and Y.  It was about 95% built at that point.

I do not have a smooth stepper, yet.  I think my CNC could benefit from one.  I am trying to keep the total cost for my CNC down. But, if something will allow my CNC to run for 10+ hours, with out jamming (think closed loop with correction) I do not mind putting in a good amount of cash. I think the current jamming problem is from the computer.  When I run slow, I have know problems.

That was what I wanted to know.  So let me see if I get the order right.   Computer --> smooth stepper --> Rogers machine --> HobbyCNC?

Does the Rogers machine just stop when there is a missed steps, or does it correct for missed steps?

Would it be possible to tie the encoders into smooth stepper?

Bummer.  Well, at least the encoder will let me get back to zero.  I wonder if this could be a feature request? Adding simple closed loop support to Mach.

Can I pass "jog" corrections to Mach, when there is a offset? I would guess the logic would be something like: pause, jog, start.

ok, so the driver board does the work, not Mach.  Good to know.  Is there a way to get Mach to through the error, with out the aid of extra hardware?

Link was dead, found it with google.

Is a servo based system closed loop?  How does that work, from a mach stand point? Sorry about the dumb questions, I have only built stepper based systems.

Is there any way I can have Mach use the encoders as its point of reference?  Kinda like a servo based system?

My cnc is stepper based, and home brew.  It likes to jam.  I am hoping if I add the encoders I can help solve that issue.

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