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Others / Re: New Mach User Interface - MachMe - Beta
« on: April 16, 2009, 07:20:42 PM »
I think I'm seeing a pattern here.  Was Mach already loaded when you started MachMe?  If so, would you close it and start MachMe again?

To answer more directly, the registry should have an entry

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mach3 controller\Settings\Mach Location


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mach3 controller\Settings\Mach Profile

that are set the first time that MachMe is run.  I didn't think of the case that users would have Mach open on the first time, Doh!

Let me know.

Others / New Mach User Interface - MachMe - Beta
« on: April 16, 2009, 04:17:59 PM »
This UI is  'Windows' oriented.  Contains seperate widgets for Jog, Spiindle, GCode.
It allows for the creation of USER DEFINED BUTTONS panels that contain buttons that contain GCode, VB Script or OEM buttons. These may be saved and reloaded when desired.  No need for scream4.
It also has a user defined LEDs panel for containing OEMLEDs.
Widgets can be scaled larger or smaller and there are multiple skins to select from to change the appearance.

There is a help file that explains each feature.

Zip file contains an installer and ReadMe.txt
It does not modify any Mach files or settings.
Upon installation you will have a menu folder for MachMe, that contains an uninstaller that removes the application.  There is an option on installation for a desktop shortcut.

I would appreciate any feedback on:
   Whether this approach is useful.  If so I can extend the UI to incloude DRO and Var panels.  Other widgets: Offsets, Tooling, Limits...
   What 'essential' controls are missing.
My machine does not have a spindle so any feedback on that widget is greatly appreciated.
I would like to know how this runs on other machines.  Specifcally older, slower and small memory machines.


Mach SDK plugin questions and answers. / Re: Com Interface Questions
« on: February 18, 2009, 01:23:11 PM »
Good day Jim,

Thanks for taking time to respond.  As to why would I want to connect and disconnect in single session, I use my DIY beveller in several modes.  As such I write modules that are designed to perform specific tasks ( woodworking tasks like mortise and tenons, box joints, dado's and rabbits.  Bamboo rodmaking tasks like mortising reel seats, sawing strips, flaming culms, and of course bevelling individual strips.).  Mostly they generate the gcode automatically but I have conceived of several other uses and have modules to perform those tasks.  Having to restart Mach each time I want to utilize one of these is a PITA.  I could write one master app that does it all but you know how much harder that is to maintain.  I guess I could write one that calls dlls for each task and reuses the scripting object but it just would be nice if the com objects would play nice and allow for connecting and disconnecting like you would expect. 

Every time I try to do something out of the ordinary I get stymied.  I would like to write some new screens but screen4 won't work on the vista64 bit machine that I use for development.  Jason's controls are at this time are still limited.  My attempts at creating Dll's accessed by VB scripts is fallling short since I can't seem to get access to the main Mach hWnd to allow for new forms/windows.

After 20 years of programming in object pascal I am loathe to pay for another development environment and relearn C++ just for this when I have access to the interface.  Even then I don't think you can change plugins on the fly easily (maybe I am missing something here).

Sorry for the rant but it's just one of those days. 


PS I have looked at your examples many times and you are to be lauded or your work.  I have SDK 2.62 which I think is the last version.  My type library generated from mach matches you scriptObject.

Mach SDK plugin questions and answers. / Com Interface Questions
« on: February 17, 2009, 04:49:43 PM »
I am experiencing some difficulties using the  com interfaces:
        iMach:=mach.GetScriptDispatch as iMyScriptObject;

It instantiates and connects to a running instance fine.  I am able to utilize all of the functions and procedures of the scriptObject.
If however I try to disconnect and then reconnect, Mach fails and closes.  If I set my mach variable to nil, mach fails and closes.  If I close my app, Mach fails and closes. 

If I use a connectKind of ckNewInstance I get a dialog box with several unknown profiles.  I can create a profile but then I get an invalid license prompt, followed by a user agreement dialog and then several failed dll calls.

How robust are the interfaces? 
Has reference counting been implemented for each new interface?
Am I using these incorrectly?



PS.  I have written several com applications and am able to utilize com interfaces with many other applications like M$ excel,word, powerpoint. 

VB and the development of wizards / Probe macro
« on: May 08, 2008, 01:58:22 PM »
This is my first attempt at writing a macro for Mach3.

All suggestions welcomed.

My approach is to take my home made probe that has 3 contact points, one on each side on one for the top.
The probe straddles the workpiece which is narrow.
I will be using the A-axis limit input to determine when the probe has made contact

sub Main
  dim yStart,yMin,ymax,yMid,z as double;

  rem get the yAxis value
  rem increment until probe connects

  while not getOemLed(837) do
    Code "g0 y"&yMax

rem reset and go the initial yAxis value
rem decrement until probe connects

  code "g0 y"&yStart
  while not getOemLed(838) do
    Code "g0 y"&yMin

rem calculate midpoint and move to it
rem set yDro to 0

  code "g0 y"&yMid

rem get the zaxis value and plunge until probe connects

  z=getOemDro(802)  ' zDRO value
  while not getOemLed(839) do
    Code "g0 y"&z

rem Set the z dro to the standard's height

end sub

G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Newbie basics
« on: February 26, 2008, 05:14:12 PM »
I hope this is the right area to post this question.

As someone new to CNC I think one example would help me a lot.  If someone has an example of the following and is willing to share I think I can glean a lot of what I seem to be missing.

2 pieces of code.

first: code for a router based machine to mill a 3/8 by 1 inch mortise 1/2 inch deep using a 1/4 inch straight bit.
second: code for a matching tenon.

Assume that the the workpieces have been set up with x and y at lower left corner of 3/4 by 2 in piece with z zeroed at the workpiece surface.

Dimensions are not critical, just the process.  Multiple passes, finish pass, direction of cut.

If this is a unreasonable request let me know.

Also, is there a book or site that you could recommend that might cover such processes?