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Mach4 General Discussion / Re: lua error while running chunk
« on: October 05, 2020, 11:20:06 AM »
Does this error occur on startup or when you press the enable button?

Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Toggle Button not clickable
« on: July 16, 2020, 11:29:52 AM »
Could not replicate the error.  I named it and set all properties the same as yours.  Worked as expected even after shutting down and restarting.  The only thing I couldn't replicate is the color Silver but I wouldn't think that has anything to do with it.  Have you tried deleting it and adding another toggle button?


Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Toggle Button not clickable
« on: July 15, 2020, 01:01:44 PM »
It would probably help if you posted a screen snip of all of the properties and one of the script code as well.

PoKeys / Re: Pokeys57cnc usb stalls
« on: May 23, 2020, 03:44:20 PM »
Because I sometimes want to use my laptop which doesn't have a ethernet connection...and...they advertise that it does work with USB!

I've subsequently learned that several others have tried 57cnc with USB and have failed as well.  If it isn't well supported then they should state so in their advertising.

Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Mach 4 open source content
« on: May 13, 2020, 11:08:42 AM »
A short video using wxFormBuilder to create a form/listbox/... and then showing how to insert that into a panel would go a long way to help us understand how to use lua in panels.  I sent Bryanna an email about a year ago suggesting this.


Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Mach4 precision problems
« on: April 30, 2020, 11:59:45 AM »
From a CNC zone post: CV stands for "Constant Velocity", called out by the G64 command. That tries to keep the tool moving at the same speed no matter what's happening in the toolpath. So when it gets to a corner, just like a car that's going fast, it's going to swerve around it instead of one that slows down to make a sharper turn. The less "look-ahead" you have set, or the more speed it's told to run at, the less adjustment it will be able to make. If you want it to follow your toolpath exactly, without cutting any corners, you can set it to "Exact Stop" (G61)

First check to see if you're default (Configure->Mach Motion mode is set to Constant velocity or Exact Stop.  If set to constant velocity you might have run the cv and cv tuning wizards.  If your code is being generated by a cam post processor check to see whether it is using g61 or g64. If not, turn default Motion Mode to exact stop and run air tests on simpler gcode, rectangles..circles.  Next run the same code with cv on.  Next run with spindle on to see if noise is being generated and causing the problem.

If none of that works contact PoLabs and NFS.



Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Mach4 precision problems
« on: April 30, 2020, 10:49:06 AM »
Two thoughts.  Are you using USB?  Many people with pokeys are having issues with USB.  Second, are you sure both are setup with CV on or off?



Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Custom M6, does not react on toolchange
« on: April 09, 2020, 10:55:55 AM »
I would test to see if  zc is assigned after the require and would put another function in that shows a simple message to test whether zc is working.  Check to make sure there is no other m6() defined in any of the other modules or scripts.



Use f11 not f10