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Ignore my last statement :-[, I got my wires crossed, ive so much going on right now, i mixed things up, sorry :-[.
However like you say hood, it dosent look strong enough for a big lathe.


Ive just been informed that the rack and pinion is only used for grinding applications, oh well  :(

Just to throw something out there, has anybody tried the above system instead of ballscrews?


Because of my limited time when i was home last i did not get a chance to power it up, however the guy i purchased it off said it will hold 1 thou over 8 inches.

Thanks for your help guys much appriciated.
I know it would be easier and cheaper to buy a used cnc lathe, but i like the fact that the caz has a short headstock, like i said in my first post, i,ll want to get to the rear of the spindle to adjust a spider while clocking a barrel in, also the caz has a hydraulic varispeed, with a high and a low gear. The more i look into retrofitting this the easier it looks to do. As for a toolchanger, i like what hood has on his, and will want something similar, i think 'duplimatic' make one, aswell as others ive seen.

It has a 12 inch chuck in the pics, swing is 595mm, and approx 40 inches between centres. Heres a pic ive lifted off the web to give an idea of its size.
Hopefully pic will attach.

Thanks RICH
Ive certainley got lots to think about, part of me is saying DO IT anyway, if only for the experiance.


Thanks for the advice
Im just reading your thread (just got a lathe to retrofit). Very interesting! ;D

Yes im from the UK, i live near Bolton, Lancashire however im currently workng in Iraq, which is why this project is a way off, timewise. I have seen your lathe on youtube and it looks the same size as my cazeneuve, i was tempted to buy it when Budget machinary had it.  ;D

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