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General Mach Discussion / Re: Is this sound dithering?
« on: September 17, 2011, 09:42:26 AM »
Thanks Hood,

I am hoping someone else can say it is.

I took the brushes out and blew all of the dust from the motor and  put each brush back into the same location in the same order, etc.

At first I was afraid it was arcing of the brushes. ??? ???

But the  way it comes & goes intermittently, ???

Hopefully someone else has had the same thing happen.


General Mach Discussion / Is this sound dithering?
« on: September 16, 2011, 11:10:07 PM »
Not all of my motors are mounted on my machine. The x axis servo is mounted and has a Gecko 320x driving it. When the machine is powered up and Mach resets, my X- axis motor makes a small clicking sound. It is similar to a Morse code message.

I can jog the motor a little bit and it goes away. It may come back in 5 minutes or 1 hour later.

My hearing is too bad to compare to Youtube videos of dithering.

Let me know of some of your experiences.

Maybe my machine is  sending me a message:

1) JAckal,
Hurry up and get me finished so that I can make some chips.

2) JAckal,
You lazy bum. Are you ever gonna finish this retrofit.


JAckal ;D

General Mach Discussion / Re: Jog speed is very slow
« on: September 10, 2011, 09:56:01 AM »
That is what I've read from everyone thoughts. ;D

I checked it last night ( at 10,000), and it is almost as quick as the factory Hurco rapid.

My Hurco factory set-up was always at 60% rapids. That was for safety until I got familiar with programming it. It only ran about 15 hours that way, before going kaput!!!

I'll probably asking about following errors at  400IPM in a month or so. ;D ;D ::)

Thanks again,


General Mach Discussion / Re: Jog speed is very slow
« on: September 09, 2011, 09:08:02 PM »
Thanks Hood,

At one time I figured that, and then got busy and did trust what I had come up with.

I tried to put more than 4000 in and got an error one time and that made me think my calculation was off.

150 IPM is more than acceptable.

 Thank you 1,000 times. ;D

JAckal :)

General Mach Discussion / Jog speed is very slow
« on: September 09, 2011, 05:30:21 PM »
I have finally got a free weekend to work on my Hurco.

The X axis motor mounted and  working. The jog speed is super slow. (About 20 inches a minute) or ( .5 meters a minute).

Looking at the steps per revolution stuff, I am lost. The steps per unit has me messed up. My X axis is direct drive coupling, .200 pitch screws, 5 TPI.

Y & Z  axis are the same pitch screws, and they each have a 26 tooth pulley on the motor & a 26 tooth pulley on the ballscrew.  1:1 drive, isn't it?

Last night, under motor tuning, when the  steps is set to 4000, it jogs at a respectable speed.

But, this isn't right, it was just a test.

My encoders are set at 500 and the motors are set at 2000.

After looking at all kinds of overrides, jog%, etc. I can't find anything that will speed it up.

This is the sample MACH 3 download, it is at 25k kernel speed.

There must be something I am overlooking.

Before all of the motors are installed, does the encoder need to be set to a different count?

This, because the Y axis motor has to be wiggled around and slid through an access door in the knee to install it.

Also, my limit switches are all installed, but when I trigger them with a screwdriver, they don't react.

Is this because the  machine hasn't been homed out?

I don't want to get too many things going at once.

Just get the jog speed set for now.

I am using the sample .xml file from PMDX with  my limits & home switches  sharing  pin #12 ( I changed these inputs in Mach also)

By the way, my drives are Gecko 320x's.

Do the [gain] or [pulse multiplier] settings need to be changed?

This thing is close to running. I am probably making out the steps per unit, & motor RPMs more complicated than they really are.

 I hate to drag anyone into this with the machine not together enough to run certain things for test purposes , but I am at a wall.

Thanks for all of the help,

JAckal :)

Thanks Hood,

Right now he is thinking of the best way to do this.

I appreciate the input, ;)


I have some of the old circuit boards out of my Hurco CNC that someone in Wymondham, Norfolk is interested in.

The price with insurance & shipping will total around $950  US dollars.

Can some of you  from Europe tell me a little about the duty fees, VAT, etc?

Any guess to how much it will be?

Is there a cheaper way to ship, or declare it tax free?

JAckal :)


Here is one that seems highly recommended. I bought one from NewEgg, as Tiger Direct didn't have it.


I can't comment on it because my retrofit isn't far enough along.

Here is the Newegg link:



Hope this helps,



You got it. It wasn't getting the step pulses.

 I had wired everything up and had started a "Hurco .xml file".

All this time I had been loading it.

There was a PMDX sample .xml file I had downloaded, but it wasn't in the Mach computer controller.

In my mind ::), I had changed it's  name to the Hurco file. (This was back in March.)

At 12:00 midnight,  it occurred to me that maybe the .xml file was wrong, etc.
I went out and loaded the PMDX sample and now it works.

The old " Hurco.xml"  had different pins & connectors on the B_o_b assigned to the  X-axis.

There is  movement!!!!

This machine may actually work again. :-[

Thanks Himy,

For taking the time to answer.


My servos are getting hooked up now.

In accordance with the Gecko manual I have completed checking the  encoders.

Now the step & direction process  has me stumped.

The Gecko320x is supposed to fault when it receives step signals & the motor armature isn't connected.

Mine won't  fault.

I have checked the continuity on the wires with an ohm meter.

The B_o_b is showing that Mach is sending steps through it. ( The B_o_b is a PMDX 126)

The steps aren't reaching the drives somehow.

After searching for fault problems on here, there aren't any problems where the drive "won't fault." ;D

I'm sure it will be stupidly simple when someone points it out. :-[

My encoders ( AMT 103) are set at 500. The Geckos are set at (+/- 256 default) following error.< This setting I don't know enough about to  mess with.

The following error settings is something I don't fully understand.


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