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General Mach Discussion / Jog speed is very slow
« on: September 09, 2011, 05:30:21 PM »
I have finally got a free weekend to work on my Hurco.

The X axis motor mounted and  working. The jog speed is super slow. (About 20 inches a minute) or ( .5 meters a minute).

Looking at the steps per revolution stuff, I am lost. The steps per unit has me messed up. My X axis is direct drive coupling, .200 pitch screws, 5 TPI.

Y & Z  axis are the same pitch screws, and they each have a 26 tooth pulley on the motor & a 26 tooth pulley on the ballscrew.  1:1 drive, isn't it?

Last night, under motor tuning, when the  steps is set to 4000, it jogs at a respectable speed.

But, this isn't right, it was just a test.

My encoders are set at 500 and the motors are set at 2000.

After looking at all kinds of overrides, jog%, etc. I can't find anything that will speed it up.

This is the sample MACH 3 download, it is at 25k kernel speed.

There must be something I am overlooking.

Before all of the motors are installed, does the encoder need to be set to a different count?

This, because the Y axis motor has to be wiggled around and slid through an access door in the knee to install it.

Also, my limit switches are all installed, but when I trigger them with a screwdriver, they don't react.

Is this because the  machine hasn't been homed out?

I don't want to get too many things going at once.

Just get the jog speed set for now.

I am using the sample .xml file from PMDX with  my limits & home switches  sharing  pin #12 ( I changed these inputs in Mach also)

By the way, my drives are Gecko 320x's.

Do the [gain] or [pulse multiplier] settings need to be changed?

This thing is close to running. I am probably making out the steps per unit, & motor RPMs more complicated than they really are.

 I hate to drag anyone into this with the machine not together enough to run certain things for test purposes , but I am at a wall.

Thanks for all of the help,

JAckal :)

Thanks Hood,

Right now he is thinking of the best way to do this.

I appreciate the input, ;)


I have some of the old circuit boards out of my Hurco CNC that someone in Wymondham, Norfolk is interested in.

The price with insurance & shipping will total around $950  US dollars.

Can some of you  from Europe tell me a little about the duty fees, VAT, etc?

Any guess to how much it will be?

Is there a cheaper way to ship, or declare it tax free?

JAckal :)


Here is one that seems highly recommended. I bought one from NewEgg, as Tiger Direct didn't have it.


I can't comment on it because my retrofit isn't far enough along.

Here is the Newegg link:



Hope this helps,



You got it. It wasn't getting the step pulses.

 I had wired everything up and had started a "Hurco .xml file".

All this time I had been loading it.

There was a PMDX sample .xml file I had downloaded, but it wasn't in the Mach computer controller.

In my mind ::), I had changed it's  name to the Hurco file. (This was back in March.)

At 12:00 midnight,  it occurred to me that maybe the .xml file was wrong, etc.
I went out and loaded the PMDX sample and now it works.

The old " Hurco.xml"  had different pins & connectors on the B_o_b assigned to the  X-axis.

There is  movement!!!!

This machine may actually work again. :-[

Thanks Himy,

For taking the time to answer.


My servos are getting hooked up now.

In accordance with the Gecko manual I have completed checking the  encoders.

Now the step & direction process  has me stumped.

The Gecko320x is supposed to fault when it receives step signals & the motor armature isn't connected.

Mine won't  fault.

I have checked the continuity on the wires with an ohm meter.

The B_o_b is showing that Mach is sending steps through it. ( The B_o_b is a PMDX 126)

The steps aren't reaching the drives somehow.

After searching for fault problems on here, there aren't any problems where the drive "won't fault." ;D

I'm sure it will be stupidly simple when someone points it out. :-[

My encoders ( AMT 103) are set at 500. The Geckos are set at (+/- 256 default) following error.< This setting I don't know enough about to  mess with.

The following error settings is something I don't fully understand.


Thanks Hood,

I just didn't want the current to   back  feed  and burn something up.

JAckal :)

I'm still chugging along. Getting  control panel together.

If I use a Mach3  brain for a timer that oils the ways every say "8 minutes". Can I also have a  temporary push button so that I can oil it a few times manually  on start up?


JAckal   :)

Just an update on the temp here. I am sure others are having the same  drought and heat. Yesterday got up to 108 deg F  ( 42 Celsius).

Temp inside my shop was 115 deg F ( 46 Cel.)

The temp on the West facing  wall in my shop was 130deg F (54.4 Cel)

Since we don't have a sweating icon:

 >:D :'( >:D :'(

It's not bothering me as bad this summer. I've lost about 20 lbs since last year.


General Mach Discussion / Re: Need longer cords on mouse & keyboard.
« on: July 04, 2011, 10:22:28 AM »
Thanks for all of the good info. I  will probably stay with cords, though.

Will let you know how it turn out, too.

JAckal :)

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