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It got to 97deg today ( 36 Celsius).

 Not too bad, since the humidity is down. When we have high humidity, 95 deg. can feel like 110 deg. :'(


Thanks Hood,

Those look like what I am wanting.

The temperature here  is the summer averages about 95 to 110 deg. ( 35 to 43 Celsius), for about 3 months sometimes) ::) :(

The last few summers, I had a record heat of 128 degrees (53 Celsius) in my shop. That was from 2 pm to 6 pm, for about  5 weeks in July-August.

When it's that hot, I quit at 1 pm and go back out at 7 pm.

Guys let's see some more pics!!!!!


General Mach Discussion / Cooling control panel & monitor venting.
« on: June 08, 2011, 10:25:40 PM »
Now I am starting on the control panel. Getting the  switches & stuff together.  I don't want to get it running with wires all strung out and then  something mess up when I put it all inside.

Probably will go with a 17" or 19" flat monitor, and put a piece of Lexan over the front to protect it.

Then have a keyboard shelf & mouse pad.

Plus a hanger for my job pendant.

My concern is the inside of the box containing the monitor. I'll put a fan or 2 in it, with filters.

Do some of you have any pics of your control panels?

There are some on Bob Warfields CNC cookbook that are nice.

Right now simple is good, with room to add-on later.

Let's see some pics and the cooling fans for the monitor.



Thanks for the reply, Tweakie.

I just wanted to use these switches because they were new. My machine has the old proximity switches and these wont fit in the same box.


General Mach Discussion / Re: Spindle and Limit switch
« on: May 31, 2011, 10:04:55 PM »

Could you tell me more about your set-up? I have the 126 board, and am in the process of wiring for   limit switches. It would be nice to have a similar machine with the pmdx 126 board  ( proven working ) to copy this from. My switches will be mechanical, like the one Hood is using . Either Omron, or Honeywell brand.

Thanks a lot,


My Hurco  is still in the wiring stage.  The  PC is  running with  Mach and it has passed the driver test. Also the PMDX XML file  is installed but hasn't been saved as the main XML.

This is my  pendant :


It uses this board:


This is the set-up and it requires a brain:


Should I go ahead and configure Mach for this and test it out to see if it will change the readouts on the screen ,etc?

Or, would it be better to wait until the  machine is  running to add this on?

The E-stop on the pendant will  be wired in, but can be added later, too.

The  drive wiring, limit switches, encoder wiring, still needs to be done.

I will wait until the machine is operating  before powering the spindle speed board  & VFD.

Thanks for all of the help,

JAckal  :)

Would encoder wire work?


 It's time for the step & direction wires from the B_O_B to the Geckos.

Do these need to be shielded cable?

If so, what gauge?

I have some of the shielded cable  left from the factory wiring. It's not very heavy gauge.


Thanks Hood,

I want to keep it simple.

JAckal :)

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