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I'm still chugging along. Getting  control panel together.

If I use a Mach3  brain for a timer that oils the ways every say "8 minutes". Can I also have a  temporary push button so that I can oil it a few times manually  on start up?


JAckal   :)

General Mach Discussion / Need longer cords on mouse & keyboard.
« on: July 02, 2011, 01:35:53 PM »
I'm sure others have had this problem.

There are extension cords available, but what are you guys using?

My mouse is  6.5 feet  (around 2 meters). The keyboard is a little shorter.

One that is 10 feet  (about 3 meters ) would be ideal. The extension cords give you another connection that can become loose, corroded,etc.

Has anyone bought one of those extension cords and used it to replace the factory cord on a mouse or keyboard?

Is there any reason why  this couldn't be done?

Don't want wireless either.


JAckal :)

General Mach Discussion / Questions about wiring this up
« on: June 13, 2011, 01:38:39 PM »

The  critical wiring has started. ;D

Encoders, servos,limit switches.

1) Is it ok to run shielded wire from the Gecko drives to the servo motors for the power? If so, should the shielding be grounded at the Gecko end?

2) Will regular wiring be ok from the bridge rectifier  to the Geckos?  I have them twisted in pairs to maybe cut down on noise or (EMF????). They are close to each other.


3)When putting the  power wires and encoder wires in separate conduit. Is it ok to use metal flex conduit that isn't fluid sealed?

4) My encoders are  the AMT-102 type  from Digi-ikey.  http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?vendor=0&keywords=AMT102-V

What setting should I use for starting out? Here are the switch settings and different resolutions. http://products.cui.com/CUI_AMT102-V_Dip_Switch_Settings.pdf?fileID=3816

Everyone says to use differential encoders for less noise. This particular encoder doesn't have A, A-, B, B-, etc. But, this is the encoder that Mariss Fremanis  recommended for the Geckos.

5) On grounding the shielding for all of these shielded wires: They have  a pigtail soldered to the shielding at the end connected to the motherboard or breakout board. Should all of these be daisy chained together and then  grounded   to  the cabinet?

Sorry for all of the questions in one post. These are some things that i have been unsure about. After searching and reading  didn't clear this up, I asked here.

With these answers I'll fell more confident and a lot of other things will make more sense.

Thanks a lot,

General Mach Discussion / Cooling control panel & monitor venting.
« on: June 08, 2011, 10:25:40 PM »
Now I am starting on the control panel. Getting the  switches & stuff together.  I don't want to get it running with wires all strung out and then  something mess up when I put it all inside.

Probably will go with a 17" or 19" flat monitor, and put a piece of Lexan over the front to protect it.

Then have a keyboard shelf & mouse pad.

Plus a hanger for my job pendant.

My concern is the inside of the box containing the monitor. I'll put a fan or 2 in it, with filters.

Do some of you have any pics of your control panels?

There are some on Bob Warfields CNC cookbook that are nice.

Right now simple is good, with room to add-on later.

Let's see some pics and the cooling fans for the monitor.



My Hurco  is still in the wiring stage.  The  PC is  running with  Mach and it has passed the driver test. Also the PMDX XML file  is installed but hasn't been saved as the main XML.

This is my  pendant :


It uses this board:


This is the set-up and it requires a brain:


Should I go ahead and configure Mach for this and test it out to see if it will change the readouts on the screen ,etc?

Or, would it be better to wait until the  machine is  running to add this on?

The E-stop on the pendant will  be wired in, but can be added later, too.

The  drive wiring, limit switches, encoder wiring, still needs to be done.

I will wait until the machine is operating  before powering the spindle speed board  & VFD.

Thanks for all of the help,

JAckal  :)

 It's time for the step & direction wires from the B_O_B to the Geckos.

Do these need to be shielded cable?

If so, what gauge?

I have some of the shielded cable  left from the factory wiring. It's not very heavy gauge.


I know that you have to home it out at the start,etc.

At the first what is the procedure for  powering on? Right now on mine you have to open up the cabinet and turn the computer on.

I want to be able to turn the main power latch, then push a couple buttons on the panel and it's on.

Do you turn on the CPU, then the breakout board, then the servo power supply?

Or, do you have it on a relay where the CPU, B_O_B & servos all come on at the same time? Then, when the charge pump kicks in, it is ready to home out? 

These are just simple things that I haven't found in a search, but no one has really covered. < ( that I know of) :)

They may not be important. When learning a new machine I always go through the same procedure.

Thanks again,


General Mach Discussion / Yes, another home limit switch question.
« on: May 18, 2011, 05:04:46 PM »
On my mill, it will use (4) limit switches.   

 Z+, Z-, X , and Y. These will be NC switches connected to pin #12.   On X  & Y,  switch is mounted in middle and trip dogs will trigger them.

After reading some of the posts on here,  others tell of using the same switches for homing????????????

How does that work?

I know Mach disregards the limits when homing. My B_O_B has only 4 inputs for I/O, wouldn't you   have to wire  each axis  to the 3 remaining inputs separately?

 I am a little lost on this. Some say they have the home switches wired in series.  Once this gets clear in my head, it will seem so simple.

Thanks for the help,

JAckal ;D

General Mach Discussion / Question for Hood.
« on: May 14, 2011, 06:08:59 PM »

Have you thought about changing your profile on CNCzone  to add the " Buy me a Beer" option?

It has been on there a couple of months it seems. The other day I checked your profile to  buy you one, and it wasn't activated.

It puts $5 in your Paypal account when someone buys you a beer. 

It would be nice to be able to do that for all of the help you give everyone.  ;D

 I spend a little time over there anyway, so it wouldn't be that big of a deal to go over and give you a brew.

There are probably others here as well that appreciate  all you do. ;)


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