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I have written a book about CNC technology for hobby use. Since I am German, the book is written in German language, however it might also be useful for people not having a command of my language.
My book deals in the first part mainly with some basics of CNC. The second part explains stepper motor basics. Finally, the third and largest part describes the design and production of a complete 4-axis stepper controller, including the following features:

  • Power supply for driver and control circuits
  • stepper driver for fullĀ  and half step operation including automatic sleep and boost up to 4 amps (L6203)
  • inputs for limit and reference switches
  • spindle speed control via external frequency converter
  • feed back of spindle index pulse
  • safety circuit with Mach charge pump signal
  • input for digitizer signal
  • relay outputs
  • inputs for quadrature encoders (electronic handwheel)
  • LED indicators for most signals
  • interfaces for two printer ports including fast opto couplers

The controller is fully adapted to Mach2/3. The configuration of Mach2/3 for the controller is described in the fourth part of the book. The production of the controller is described in every detail, including the production of the necessary printed circuit boards. More information can be found on my home page www.einfach-cnc.de, including downloads of circuit diagrams, artwork for PCB's, parts lists and component layouts.

The book is available at www.amazon.de at 17,80 Euro.

If somebody does not like home-manufacture of PCB's, I can offer the full set of professional-made PCB's including

4 stepper drivers
1 breakout board
2 opto couplers
1 power supply
1 power interface
1 machine interface
1 LED indicator board

at 98,- Euro plus postage and packing.

In the picture gallery you will find pictures of the steppper controller and also pictures of my current projects, including a scratch-built gantry milling machine. My next book will deal with the building of this machine.

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