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Ok Here is the file

    It happened again  The Status Line says  " Nothing to Feedhold"

      I didn't notice any Statement.   It was cutting fine , it paused for about 3 seconds and then started cutting by itself, but it was then way out of position. . The only other program ,to my knowledge was Lazy-Cam. I had this problem earlier so I went to the website and read the optimization info and made sure I followed those instructions. So far this only seems to happens when I use MULTI PASS.

Ok, so I’m running Mach 3 with a MicroMill 2000. When I use the Multi Pass wizard I get a random loss of position. ( .180 inches out in the  X)  I have gone thru the optimization and have done everything there. I ran fine for two hours and then BOOM. It pauses for a second and when it starts back up I’m out of position.  Any suggestions????

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