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Mach Screens / Re: FRO Slider
« on: March 07, 2021, 11:03:07 AM »

I know this is very old post... but, perhaps someone has solve this issue?

I have the same problem... what ever value I enter as slider max it goes over 250...

Any solution...?


Finally succeeded to upgrade MACH3 to .063 version.

It works great  :)
The threads are as they actually should be.
Thank you all for your patience and all your help.

I will do it. 
I have used an old computer with already installed and licensed MACH3 - removed from old milling machine.
On milling machine it was all OK and I did not upgrade MACH3 - my bad..

Thanks again


I will try and report the result ..


Sorry, I'm not real lathe user... I deal more with milling and, above all, with the retrofitting of machines.
I assume there is a difference in moving along the X axis.
I have a problem with the Z-axis ...

To this day, I have not encountered such problems ...


Please, could you explain to me what difference you mean Diameter mode vs radius mode?
Where/how I can set this modes?
I'm running  R3.043.022


Dear Graham, RICH

Thank you for your patience

In my previous post I sent the picture of thread cut in multiple passes in a plastic work piece - each pass not more than 0,1mm
I read all the thread cutting instructions, but unfortunately I didn't find the answer to the unusual doing of the machine / Mach3 in my case.

I have tried also with 50 rpm, 100,... it is the same. Spindle is driven by 7,5 kW motor and gearbox. Spindle speed is constant - I have measured it (out of Mach3) also with encoder and digital tachometer. It could not be a reason to slow down feed rate.

Z axis moves smoothly also by 5 times higher feedrate - when not threading. By all other work both axis moves with no problem at much higher feedrate.

I am attaching a picture of the thread - just one pass. Threading in this pictures was started 5mm before workpiece and thread pitch is quite constant, because it was already reduced to 1/2 (before touching workpiece)
If I start treading close to workpiece, thread looks like in my previous photo - pitch is reduced from programmed to 1/2 of programmed.

It is hard to explaine...I have  made a short video...but is too big to upload it.

From my previous post: "I have noticed under Spindle calibration menu one window for index signal "zero if one/rew". There is "1" but I can't change this value." 
Could this creates an issue?

Dear Graham

I don't know what your answer is supposed to mean
I just wrote my opinion. If the programmed step (feed rate) is 2mm / rew, and Mach works 1mm / rew, then there are probably some other settings ...
This is the same also without workpiece.

And a scratch test.... the same as pictures in my previous post .... its cut in a piece of plastic, so no (or near zero) cutting force.

On my opinion there is something wrong in MACH3 settings.

Mach does not follow the programmed thread pitch.
If programmed pitch is 2mm, treading starts with F= 2mm/rew, but after ~ 2mm of moving this changes to F= 1mm/rew.
Spindle speed is stable and does not change. Feedrate/moving is not smooth but vibrating.
Index signal is one/turn - I tried with short time signal, longer signal, different index debounce settings... nothing change.
I have noticed under Spindle calibration menu one window for index signal "zero if one/rew". There is "1" but I can't change this value.
Could this be a reason for wrong pitch - wrong F/rew?



The spindle is driven by a 7.5 kw motor via a gear transmission. Speed is stable, also rpm in Mach3 are stable during threading.
Thread in the pictures was made with multiple passes.
I also can't figure it out why feedrate in Mach3 showes 0,75 mm/turn if programmed pitch is 1,5mm
This feedrate is also not stable despite the fact that the spindle speed is constant.

I’m slowly getting desperate already, as I’ve invested a lot in reworking the machine, and now I can’t cut the thread.

Any advice is welcome ...

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