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PoKeys / Pendant Incremental vs Continuous Jog
« on: June 20, 2022, 10:58:45 AM »
I'm sure that there's a simple location that I can't find to get it to work right, but my pendant is jogging in continuous mode, not incremental.  Does anyone know where to change the setting specifically for the pendant?

I'm running a Pokeys57cnc with the latest version of Mach4Hobby.  My pendant was set to incremental jog prior to my recent update.  Everything else on my machine is back to working as it should without any issues.

I can change continuous vs incremental jog on the Mach4 screen using my mouse to click the monitor buttons.  I can also change between continuous, rapid, and incremental jog using my keyboard and the "shift" and "ctrl" buttons.  I really just need my pendant to do incremental, but it's only doing continuous jog regardless of the settings I'm trying.

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