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Write a G code to take to a given position from home over and over for 15 mins and if you can connect a dial test indicator onto the spindle to show actual potions at full stroke on G code programmed -----------See if this repeats with no load

To be honest i have used Fanuc from 6m and 6t in the early 1980s right up to the Oi series of this past year they haven't changed much meaning Variables and Macro programming was all available then and last few years trying to put Fanuc controlled software onto ME edition of windows slowed the controls down as proven on cells i did yrs ago in direct comparisons ----------MAC3 or MAC4 i will just have to deal with as i get to the machines with the different controls and spend some time with them --Thanks for the help

Yes the G54 on a lathe for first tool is something Okuma does on the OSP controls for many yrs and has issues for sure ---------Master X19 was master change from X9/X11 and to be honest i just use the other version for what i need -----3D programming on 5 axis machines was never for high volume so something i stayed away from ---------The MAC3 i down loaded is their basic setup is close to the Fanuc O controls but i dont see Macro Variable screen of parameter screen to make custom G and M codes -----I program a different way and want to be able to do that same style on this control for Safety and speed --Thank you for the reply and help

General Mach Discussion / Re: Wondering if anyone can help with a problem
« on: January 06, 2021, 09:24:40 AM »
Did you run calibration for that Axis ?-many Videos online to preform this
After that check back lash for the Axis ?

I would suggest splitting physical check from electrical position
Put Dia Test indicator on bed of mahine and program to it for minus direction is it repeating ?
Do the same now for Z plus direction ?
Then move to x home and check there and also at minus direction -----What this does is making sure the Z axis is physically repeating and moving on the other axis that the whole column in/gantry is not coming loose of linear ways

Thanks for the Reply
Yes i have used the Fanuc up to 30i so just different way of doing stuff to Ma3/4
Large industrial machines with expensive options i can not afford is the companies i worked for
I just keep getting ask to work on 3040 and 6080 Routers and stuff so i guess going to have to try and get the hold of a System and do some self teaching
Again thank you  for the Reply and information

General Mach Discussion / Re: Mach3 Turn X axis problems
« on: January 02, 2021, 07:24:35 PM »
G53 Will use machine direct machine cor system and ignores all else and keeps you off the switches
Your limit switch for plus direction  must be faulty and if you can not  get one maybe physically switch around with the minus switch to you can ------------Faulty switches is the biggest cause of machine crashes i have seen until the introduction of absolute encoders that dont use them

Axis --How to set actual home position-When you move the axis to home switch positions how do you reset or declare that as zero position on the axis motor ?
Software i have does not give Macro Screen ?
Can you created M and G codes to  declared programs  =M100 would call O9001 as declared in parameters ?
Sub program files have to be declared in the main not other separate folders like QBasic programming was ?
Thanks for the Help
PS i have Programmed almost every Fanuc and Siemen controls on Mills and Lathes but never worked with Mac3

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