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Ah, found the issue. The process failed because a command (optimizeMachineAngles) needs to be run first before getting the ABC initial axis. Searching for this in Mach4 post, I found that the setting was set to false. Setting this to true, and it now works.  :)

Dunno about that, Stuart. I got several models from other people here with various directions, none of them worked with the Mach4 one. Might try again, though. I like to find the reasons behind these issues.

Hi Stuart, yes I tried your Mach4 post from #8, but that was failing too. The post that worked was the Fanuc one I downloaded from the website.

Thanks and regards,


Ah ha! Finally! So I got the generic Fanuc post (not the A axis one that I was using) and put true in for A axis and - yes, it works now! The GCode file helped a lot - thanks to everyone who responded...! ;D

Great, thanks. I see your post outputs .nc not .tap, so you are not using the Mach4 post - which one is it you are using?

Yes, I can see it on my phone, so should be no problem.

OK, I set it to 'unlisted'. Will try out the link on a separate PC to check I can see it. https://youtu.be/mVVMVNxgkTM

Really? You should be able to use the link, I thought. I'll check into that right now and make it public, if necessary.

Thanks for mentioning it.

Hi Stuart,

that is exactly what I did - there's one file in the zip, the Fusion 360 file. If you look at the video, you will see two instances of Fusion 360 open - the second one opened with your file when I clicked on it. The video shows in real time I did nothing other than select the default preprocessor (Mach4) and all I get is the error message. I did nothing else! Seems no-one believes it doesn't work, even despite the video evidence!

Also, all my GCode .tap files are small text files, much less than 6Megs (normally a few k, for the most complex).

I don't understand the issue...but thanks for trying.



Hi, and thanks for the file. Appreciate the help.

However, it seems the only way I can illustrate the issue is take that file and produce a video capture of my screen, showing that it does not work...I get the same error message when post processing. The youtube link is: https://youtu.be/mVVMVNxgkTM.

It would be really nice if I could get the actual GCode file produced by a post processor, rather than just the model file...


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