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Thank you both for your kind attention

The request is for the situation where the machine is referenced already. As the origin of the workpiece that I have is nearly always away from the machine origin I frequently require to perform the ref all axis . Many times I do it with the spindle deep in the material as I forget to raise it before performing the ref all axis.
The sequence I follow is to lift the z axis well above the work surface then perform the X and Y ref and finally the Z which is located at the position x=0 and y=0. My z probe is adjustable and I align it with the work surface for each job.
For a tool change i would ref all axis , perform the change and perform the ref all axis function.

Dear all
 I would really appreciate anyone who could help me sort out this screen function I am trying to modify.
I would like the machine to perform a G0 Z20 before starting the ref all axis routine.
I tried this but it does not work
It just goes to Z20 and ignores the rest
Any help would be greatly appreciated

 mc.mcCntlGcodeExecute(inst, 'G00 Z20')
    mc.mcAxisDerefAll(inst)  --Just to turn off all ref leds
    coroutine.yield() --yield coroutine so we can do the following after motion stops
    ----See ref all home button and plc script for coroutine.create and coroutine.resume
    wx.wxMessageBox('Referencing is complete')

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