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Please see attached.

Here is the G-code, machine finally gave me an error msg "art code 709" no description. Rebooted system, no error codes but it would still freeze up when graphics are near loaded. As a wild idea i reloaded the 1024.lset file and it started loading without freezing, but then it did something else odd. on the line of code "X.585" it repeats it for a large amount of times. attached pics. any words of advise?

Well, i gave it a go, but no such luck. Still freezes.
I did notice 1 additional thing though. It only does it if im on a screen that displays tool graphics (auto or manual)
If i do it from the opening screen works everytime without flaws.
Any other ideas? im using the basic 1024.lset screens

thank you, ill give it a shot and kee pyou posted

Version R3.043.066

hey guys, im using basic old school style lathe screensets in mach3, with cs/labs on a PC with windows 7 pro 64-bit.
About 70% of the time when i load G-code it freezes as soon as tool path graphics is finished loading, and its bar graph pop up window goes away. I get a "not responding" error from windows and Mach3 completely crashes, have to restart.
The 30% of the time it does load, system runs great though.
Any ideas or pointers?

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