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Post Processors / Re: Laser postprocessor
« on: December 16, 2019, 02:00:45 AM »
Hi Tweakie
Thanks for the link to your post of the laser MOD.
Yeah, that is something similar to what I had in mind. and should work fine on a Device that uses PWM to regulate its Output  but some devices use analog Voltage 0-5  or 0-10v like Servo Motor Drives. 

In the past I used  Freq to Vlt converters  but PWM does not Vary Freq. it varies its Duty cycle. 
So, it's a bit different.  But I think I found a Solution.  I will order some parts and try it.

I Did Save your Contribution, and I did notice your simplified Circuit on the input to Opto Iso.

Post Processors / Re: Laser postprocessor
« on: December 15, 2019, 05:09:20 AM »
you mean you are using an external physical potentiometer??
and if so, what value would that be?  also, I'm guessing it's a LINEAR POT right?

I am using Mach3    and I also know that it has a PWM (pulse width modulation) function  to modulate variables like  Speed, Power, Pressure, intensity, etc.  but this is a digital function not Analog.
 if the machines require an analog signal, I guess it won't work.  But it is worth looking into it.

Years ago I used some chips that are Frequency to Analog Voltage converters. (used to measure the Volume of liquids in Tanks! )
So, I wonder if there is a PWM to Analog V  converter chips...... This would allow G-Code integrated  variable functions, w either Digital or Analog signals

Finished Screens / Re: Mach3 DarkScreen Screenset - Now Available
« on: December 15, 2019, 04:50:46 AM »
Thanks for the reply  Graph
Well, I have not used the machscreen but I will.

Yes I know that PNG is much better than JPG (not quite as good as vector file, but much better)
But  When starting Mach3  doesn't it look for and load the known files, like JPG ??
I seems to me, that I would have to edit the start up files and change the file name extensions to PNG from JPG.   But actually I don't know how Mach3 is setup.   
I  know you have to do that if you make changes in HTML web files.  in order for HTML to load different images, media files, etc.   like I change JPG to PNG pics but then I have to edit the HTML code and change extensions.

Also, I saw you using google translate.   What Country are you in?    I'm in Los Angeles, Ca.

Finished Screens / Re: Mach3 DarkScreen Screenset - Now Available
« on: December 14, 2019, 11:03:05 PM »
Hey Graph..
Thanks for your work and sharing.
I came looking for a screen specific to waterjets mach.  but I found none.
I will see if I can make this work.   

Also, I noticed that your images are .PNG  but I think mach3 Images are all .JPG
Is there something I need to change in the Mach3 files, like html or VB etc. ??


Post Processors / Re: Laser postprocessor
« on: December 14, 2019, 07:00:37 PM »
Hey Chuck
What screens are you using on this machine??
and is it a Waterjet??

I need screens specific for waterjet, but can't find anything.
I imagine that screens for Plasma might work but not entirely.
bc IDK HOW the water pressure would be adjusted.
or be adjusted manually before the run.....

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