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General Mach Discussion / Re: Mach3 and UC100 and Windows 10 64bit
« on: September 26, 2019, 05:33:40 PM »
"UC100 DOES NOT WORK WITH NOTEBOOK WITH WINDOWS 10 64 Bit & WINDOWS 7 x64" was what I read from someone at CNCZONE weeks ago. He said that only UC300 or UC400 will support x64 OS.
I am still wondering whether that is true.
OR it may be CNCDRIVE's trick to get people to use UCCNC instead of Mach3/Mach4.
On CNCDRIVE info on UC100
"6.) Software prerequirements (install on Win XP only!)"

Perhaps only a cheaper "USB motion controller" from China will work with MACH3 & WINDOWS 10 64 Bit & WINDOWS 7 x64???

Just got the UC100 to Gecko G540 using Mach3 on Microsoft Surface Pro2 running win10 64bit with no issues.  Not gonna be my actual computer to run my machine but wanted to see if it worked.  The only difference I found is that I need to hold the shift key when jogging.  Hope this helps clarify the rumors.

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