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I changed stepper drivers and it all went wonky - more on the z this time - I've ordered a new stepper driver and will swap it out for the y axis and let you know the results :)

thank you for the advice you've given to Sharon - very kind of you.
I've checked the coupler hasn't come loose or broke on the ballscrew that connects it to the motor
I had someone check that my movement or cutting speeds weren't too high.
I haven't swapped the drivers over yet to check if motor driver is playing up and may need swapping out for a new one. I'll do as you suggest on the weekend - If the problem is then transferred to the x axis - am I right in thinking from your advice that this would be the issue ? many many thanks - I'm not good at troubleshooting and your help is a godsend,  thank you so much- Paul

one other with the name

Thank you,
Are these pictures what you mean?

hello, Thank you for replying,
 It's a licenced version installed by the manufacturer of the machine and worked fine for about 2 years - the pc used to run it isn't connected to internet and is a stand-alone so we don't think it's a virus? not sure if that's useful or not but I'll try to give as much detail as possible

oh. we're in the uk- West Wales -(so don't think that temperature is much of an issue) if there's anyone in the vicinity that is willing to take a look we'd be happy to pay expenses etc. :) he's tried to re-set the coord's and soft limits and calibration from you tube but it makes no difference .thank you

Hello, I'm Sharon.
I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right section - first ever forum for me - (Admin can you move to best place? thank you)
I'm posting a query for my husband  - he is a UK veteran and suffers from PTSD and depression and he uses the v-carve/mach 3 to help him relax after his day job as it helps to stop from getting too stressed. He's searched various forums and phoned manufactures for weeks for a solution to this and it's really getting him down, we don't really understand the answers we do find online as they seem too technical -  so I'm trying to help by asking you guys for help.
Neither of us understand G-code or how to set up the kit - It was a plug & go set up (550mm x 350mm bed with kress router if that helps?)  and the company we bought it from has closed down. Anyway, sorry to drone on -I'll get to the point. he uses the machine (router?) to make house signs, chopping boards etc. but recently the work keeps 'overlapping' the cutting when carving - he says that the 'Zero' start point changes half way through and on a 150mm size project it will shift approx 20mm from start to finish. he's tried to re-set the machine coord's but it made no difference. the cables seem tight and the cutter seems solid, does anyone have any advice in simple terms that he can use please? I hope I've explained it properly.
Thank you in advance,
Shaz. x

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