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Testing Testing.  I posted twice not and its not saving.  I cannot find my post.  Trying a test.  Had attachments also.


No, never has a Mach plug in installed.  Did not know how or where to get one until I found the parallel plug in.  Never got it or installed.  Got a refund awaiting UC100 as you suggested.  The folder has always had just the files you showed minus that controller you said you removed from yours.  The XP machine that had Mach 3 on it had a controller and did the same thing as this one.  I was incorrect saying it’s a windows 10 machine it is actually windows 8.1 that I installed on for testing purposes without CNC attached.  Either way, hoping it’s just the 6 min limit effecting my progress.  Eagerly awythe UC100 to arrive.


I have to assume that Mach 4 just stops during Demo mode.  No matter what project file I run it always stops at 00:05:41:89.  Once it gets to that point the program stops responding and will not allow me to do anything within the program. No buttons work and it states Not Responding.  The only thing I can do at that point is CTLALTDEL and End the program within Task manager.  I really hope this is because its the Demo version.  I am half tempted to just license it and hope it works.  I would hate to be out $200 if this is not the case.   :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\

If anyone knows of anything else I can do to ensure this will work I would appreciate it.  I don't plan to purchase until I have the UC100 in hand and at lease try to make the CNC move in Demo mode.  If that's even a possibility. 


I checked the folder and those two files are not in there. The rest are identical though.  I found a sheet "Optimizing Windows 10 and Mach3/4 somewhere in the forum.  Don't remember, and started with moving the file to my PC vice a USB thumb drive.  Mach 4 still stops just under the 6 minute mark and Mach 4 stops responding.  I thought it was the entire windows that stopped responding but other programs can open and I can use internet explorer.  So....... Mach 4 stops responding as if its locked up.  Does not say not responding until I click on anything in the Mach 4 window.  Then at the top "not responding".  Does not start responding after several minutes as most programs do.  In order to get it to respond again, I have to go to task manager and end the program, then restart.  I would just like the program to prove that it can complete a cycle through a project before I spend the money.  Waiting on the UC100 to show up and see if it will at least allow the motors to run.  I thought moving the file to the desktop vice thumbdrive would do the trick, but did not.  I will continue to go through the optimizing windows 10 list, but that does nothing for me for the XP machine that is hooked up to the CNC.  :???????? 

Sorry for the cut in posts...... As with the other machine Mach 4 - Demo (Not Responding).... Don't think its the computer.  I think something is not working correct with the program.. ::::?????????

Stops at 00:05:41.88.  Must be the Demo mode time.  Am I correct?  I thought there was no time stop in Mach 4 on Demo mode with no machine movements?  This computer is not hooked up to the machine.

Will just sit here and see if it goes through the entire project on this Win 10 machine without stopping.  "not responding"...

OK... Weird....... Just uninstalled... Rebooted computer and reinstalled for 3rd time.  Now working :   ?????????

Profile: Mach4Router  Screen wxRouter.set

Two issues came up with Mach 4..... I tried running the program through and over half way the computer stopped responding.  Not sure if its the Demo or the computer.  Tried it a second time with the same result.  Could not get task manager to close out the program the second time.  Program not responding.  Figured it might have something to do with XP, so loaded Mach 4 on Windows 10 machine.  When opened Mach 4 kept getting errors stating that the shared library was not available.  Reinstalled Mach 4 on same machine, got same error.  Uninstalled, downloaded a new copy and installed............Failed to load shared library 'mcLua.m4pw', McModbus.m4pw, mcRegfile.m4pq, mcSerial.m4pw, ShuttlePro.m4pw, and Sim.m4pw.   Along with that, I can load a gcode, but it will not go through the toolpath as it was on the other computer.  X,Y,Z will not move.  The only thing that is showing any movement is the Cycle Time.  Any known help?


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