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Instant fix !!!!  Thank you again. The pins set alike in mill were on the 4th axis which I do not use at this time, so I didn' notice anything wrong.
Paul Morrison

Also, in my first post I said "would not jog" but it wont run a program either. The dro's do work.
Paul Morrison

My Plasma program is still not working. After several weeks of searching posts, and comparing settings, for an answer,  >:(  I downloaded the .XML reader app. still no luck. I don't really know what settings to compare. (compare Mill . XML that works fine against Plasma  .XML)
 I have attached both files, and would really  appreciate a little help.
Paul Morrison

Thanks for the reply.  I'm curious, what is that for (reduced block)?

  My manual doesn't have a screenshot of the Mach3 diagnostics  page. The one it shows is the Mach2 one. In particular, I an interested in the "reduced" block. It is off in my "mill" program, but is on in my Plasma program. I wasn't able to find info on what it does. My problem is that I cant jog in plasma, and wondered if that may be the cause of my problem.

Thank-you so much!  Instant fix. Let this be a lesson to me, that when comparing the 2 configuring screens (mill  -& plasma) to look for not only that settings are checked, but also that all others are un-checked.
Paul M.

  And here is the mill XML. I keep getting the message"Sorry! There is already an attachment with the same filename as the one you tried to upload. Please rename the file and try again. " when I try to attach.
Paul M.

Attached are the XML files.
Paul M

Thanks for the quick reply. I double checked the settings in both this morning and the problem still exists.  This is a properly licensed Mach3 ver R.3.043.066.  My Config / Ports & Pins /Motor / Output settings are:
                                               X - G - 2 - 3 - R - G - 1 - 1
                                               Y - G - 4 - 5 - G - 1 - 1- 1
                                               Z - G - 6 - 7 - G - G - 1 - 1
While it moves incorrectly, the DRO's read correct
Paul M.

Forum suggestions and report forum problems. / Wrong forum
« on: March 17, 2014, 08:55:57 PM »
I acidentaly posted (Mill works normally, but plasma acts odd.) in wrong forum (here) and couldn't find how to edit (move) to Genedral Mach heading.
Paul M.

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