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Hi Gary, thanks for your response.
To use a PLC is something I already thought might be necessary for my machine. But always thinking of a cnc control software with a built-in PLC, I never thought of doing it all by PLC. The fact is that I have researched a little about this system that you have recommended me and I do not find anything about how it would work as cnc, that is, the G code would no longer be used but then, you can't use softwares for create and editing the codes from a design. So how do you create the coordinates of movement? The whole process is manual? Is not this much more complicated?


the only way I can think this may be possible is in the Macropump, run a check in the Macropump code to check the current position DRO and if its greater than 700 drop the speed, the down side to this is it would do it for every program that travelled over 700mm so you would have to edit it out once the job was complete.
Thanks for your answer,
I do not know how to do this in macropump, I will investigate on how to do it, if you could pass me some tutorials about how to proceed I would appreciate it.

My problem really is that I would need to decrease the velocity of spindle gradually as the speed of the machine goes down (feed rate). Maybe it's easier to set something up this way? Do you know if it is possible?

Thanks again!!


Is this a mill, router or custom machine you a controlling with Mach?
Hi, It´s a custom machine.

Thanks you Mike!!
This really is a problem for me because I need to move the machine in this way. Due to the type of activity I am doing, I need to find a way that is no deceleration in these points.

I hope someone knows how to do it!!



Hello, I tried it but it continues to decelerate and accelerate when it reaches the point x500. You can see how the feed rate speed decreases in the feed rate visor.
Can you have a check to the gcode ?

G71 G64 F10000




Thanks for your answer, I forgot to comment but the constant velocity is activated and even then I have this problem.

Hello everyone, I have a problem with Mach3 that I can not solve.
I'm trying to make my machine change the speed of the spindle at a certain point in a straight line.
I will give an example for better understanding:
I have to make a straight line of 1000 mm and at 700 mm I need to vary the speed of the spindle from 800 to 400 rpm.
Since in the same line I can not place two different S's I have divided the line into two lines, leaving the code like this:
M3 s800
g01 x700
g01 x1000
The problem is that when I split the line, the machine decelerates when it reaches the x700 and accelerates again to continue to the point x1000, creating a stop that I have to avoid.
I have also done a test without the S code to see if the movement was continuous but it has not worked either.
My look ahead is configured for 150 lines.
If someone could tell me what could be happening, I would appreciate it very much.
Thank you!!

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