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General Mach Discussion / Plasma cut parts not matching drawing sizes.
« on: December 05, 2018, 12:10:35 PM »
Hello everyone. I am having an issue with the my parts being cut at a different size than the drawings. First off I have drawn the identical part in both turbo cad and inkscape. When I load part into sheetcam and use the measure tool the part does not match the drawn size it is smaller. So my first guess is a sheetcam problem. Anyway if I continue to cut part in Mach 3 version 67 using an inside offset with correct kerf offset it is not correct. I have calibrated all axis in mach and did not have to change any settings therefore they were correct all axis move to exactly the correct position. Anyone else having this issue and possible solutions. Thanks

Thank you very much for your excellent easily understood reply. I did follow the previous suggestion and installed the capacitor and have had no false trips since.

Thanks Craig yes I do have high frequency start. So I will go ahead and try your suggestion. Thanks very much for your time!!

Hello I have a home built CNC plasma table and I am having issues with false triggering of limit switch messages. I have changed my debounce settings uo to as high as 10,000 takes a little longer but still get false trip error. all of my limits are daisy chained to one input. All motors are running shielded wire and are grounded at one end. Is there anything else I can add to help this issue. I have read some use a capacitor is that the case and if so how would it be wired and what value? The table runs fine when reset but I am sure it would probably false trip on a larger job. I am using Mach 3 with XP version 67. Any help mush appreciated.

Hello to all, Had a few moments early today so  I discovered two things First that my method of saving my floating head switch offset was not correct. Second I kept reIoading a g code file over and over again which was the wrong one Duh! I re measured the offset and correctly added to the post processor then correctly loaded into mach. Now everything is working like it is supposed to. Next I will be adding Proma THC to the system and I am sure I will have more questions while I am doing that. Thanks to everyone for all the help offered!

Hello Graham Thanks for the reply. I am having a family reunion today through the weekend so I will not get back to the machine until next weekend as I am not retired yet. I will do my best to try and follow instructions as of yet I know that I have no rapids set in Mach because I could not find a decent description on what they do and how to set up.  Regarding the g code and single block instruction. The machine has no connection to the internet and the computer only has Mach 3 on it. I use sheetcam on another computer to generate the code. I could copy the G code from sheetcam on a mem stick then somehow post it to this site. Honestly this is the first forum I have ever joined and as a novice unclear on adding code for you to see to my posts.. On another note I see you located in England, I was born in Blackpool and have been in Canada since 1965. Do you know if there is a posting tutorial on the site so I can familiarize my self with adding pictures and code to my posts.
Thankyou for your interest in my issues. I see by your number of posts you have been very involved!

Thanks for the reply Unfortunately i do not understand the method you are referring to. How would I accomplish that.

Hello i am a newby here and recently finished a table build and have it running. I am using Sheetcam with  floating head with editable switch offset as a post. Everything works correctly until cut height comes into plays z moves down to find surface  raises to pierce position  pierce height .125 displayed correctly on Z DRO and in G code. then drops to cut but carries straight on to material surface does not stop at the cut height setting of.060' in sheetcam and the z position is being called for in the Gcode. So i am thinking I do not have settings correct in Mach 3. or there is an offset I have ignored somehow.

Also I would like to ask you experts which post processor do you prefer in sheetcam for Mach3 plasma if I install THC in addition to my floating head.

Any help appreciated Remember i am a newby and will do my best to understand any reply but I am nott that savvy on set up or code.


Hello my name is Ray and i live in Alberta Canada, I have many hobbies from antique cars to machine design and builds and cabinetwork. Since i am due to retire at the end of this year I took it upon myself to build a cnc plasma table which will allow me to make a little extra income .
I used a Tom Verity design which i modified to suit my needs i have water table in combination with side draft. i also built a sheet metal bender on the front of it as shop space is a premium and there is only one of me performing work at any one time. I am using sheetcam but of course need to become more knowledgeable to get full use out of it. I am currently using Mach 3 version.67 which when I purchased a license was downloadable. I do not see that as an option any more just version 66. i recently installed a THC but as of yet cannot get it to work properly. i was wondering which version of Mach 3 most people are using  as the most stable and reliable and also in sheetcaman what Post Processor would be recommended for Plasma with editable backlash compensation and THC?

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