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Hey tweaking,

Thanks I will post the .xml as soon as I get back from work.

Hi, I am new to the forum and to mach3. Just purchased an old Bridgeport boss and redid the entire cabinet, I am using geckos 203v with a db25-1205 BOB I have everything hooked up according to the diagrams, I have checked all cables for continuity and everything is connected properly. I am using a 72V 16amps power supply and I have all superior stepper motors (original BP motors). I have done the initial installation and configuration but I have no light showing on my port 1 pins.

DRO moves but motors dont, they are energized as they lock up as soon as i turn the cabinet on.

I have no estop or limits switches connected to the breakout board since I just want to test for movement first and then add the switches and estop.

I read on another post to check on the voltage from direction pin and ground on the BOB, they all have 1 VDC, should i be getting a different reading when I press the keyboard arrows?

Any help is appreciated

Best Regards

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