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General Mach Discussion / Re: Self Changing Velocity
« on: April 27, 2017, 09:11:47 AM »
Human intervention was my first thought too. It makes sense to me as two of three machines were fine prior to servicing and now after servicing all three are malfunctioning. Especially as our only two working machines were not serviced. However the person who serviced the machines said they only changed the one setting back to where it should be.

I am uncertain if the company just doesn't want to admit they made adjustments or they could have made a mistake or what but they are the only option for a manual change. That is why we are at a loss as to what to do/ what happened. We cannot trust these machines to run on their own with the damage the velocity change inflicts if we cannot figure out how the change occurred.

As far as the Mach 3 file goes, we don't have a working machine. We have only two Mach 3s and neither one works.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Self Changing Velocity
« on: April 27, 2017, 08:20:32 AM »
The main issue we are having is two of our machines were set 100% correctly, then one changed its velocity of its own accord. The velocity on that one machine was corrected while being serviced. Now all three of the machines have an inaccurate velocity, again. We are not making the adjustments. The machines are changing on their own and the issue is we don't know why it is happening or how to prevent it from happening. We do have settings that we like and that are accurate, they just don't seem to stay consistent. The three machines that were serviced are the only three that are running with problems.

The machines without issues are both Mach 2s
Two of the three with issues are both Mach 3s
One of the three with issues is a Mach GX

The GX had the problems before the machines were serviced and the other two only after the machines were serviced.

We are not using the generic screen.

Our machines have stepper motors.

I might need more clarifications on what you mean by drives.


General Mach Discussion / Self Changing Velocity
« on: April 24, 2017, 02:35:44 PM »
I was having a problem with three minitech machines loosing their Z height in the middle of running jobs, resulting in inappropriate depths machined into the items I'm running, as well as a Z axis plunge. The change in the Z height was random, there wereno set depth changes. I believe the issue was that the velocity on the machines were set way to high, which brings me to my actual question/problem. I have not changed the velocity myself.

We have five machines, three of which were serviced. The ones serviced all had a change in their velocities. The machines not serviced are fine. No one has access to the machines other than three operators, myself included, and the person who serviced the machines. I tried contacting the company that serviced the machines but they believe we changed the velocities on our own, they didn't seem to believe me when I said we had not adjusted anything. They also believe the issue is resolved as we changed the velocities back to their original setting per their instructions.

While our machines were being serviced the person said they did find a velocity that was too high on one of the machines and changed it back to normal. With that said, I don't know what to do. The velocity on one machine was found raised too high, adjusted, and then was raised again. Non of which we did. I cannot think of what might be changing the velocity. I asked the company if it was possible that something was triggered or there was a chain reaction of sorts to change the velocity during the servicing. I was told to not adjust the velocity as a response. Our machines cannot be run overnight (which is their intended use) if we cannot trust that the issue won't occur again.

Any thoughts, opinions, insights, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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