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Here you go: Mach 3.043.066 and wizards 2.86 running on Win 7 Pro (not enterprise)
Glad you can edit all files generated by the wizards.
Enjoy your day, Philippe

Matt, this behavior indicates some sort of bug/flaw. No sure "where" to look, however. FYI on a machine running a Win7 Corporate operating system I was capable to read / edit every file generated by the wizards. When I left this company, I had to erase the corporate Win 7 installation and replace it by my own Win 7 Pro license. Since, editing the files generated by the wizards is not possible anymore.

Mach3 is no longer supported. Perhaps if asking politely, you can get ahold of the code of this wizard and dig into the details and identify the problem.

Cheers, Philippe

Matt, as discussed this morning, I cannot reproduce the strange behavior you observe. I have also tried with the gear cut wizard, as you asked me to do.

Have you actually used (i.e. pressed the calc button), one page before you reach the actual gear size and cut dimensions, the speed and feed calculation available ?
I have done so, obtain for my example a feed opf 240.1 mm/min which is nicely transported into the index.tap file.

Enjoy your evening, Philippe

ok, thank you for clarifying this. good luck with this issue.

BTW, which kind of job requires a direction dependent feed ?

all right, tested with a spiral cut, your observation cannot be reproduced here. There is no discrimination in feed direction nor a transport of a material related number (tested default values 1 to 8) into the text assigned to feed in the G-code. Sorry.   

interesting ... polite way to say annoying  ... wait and see if I can reproduce this sort of behavior

not sure I understand what you mean. could you please copy and paste an example of your observations ? Philippe


Thank you. Indeed, I do not have any other license file as the one needed to run Mach3. Thus, if your assumption is correct, the wizard’s files are « made invisible » by Mach3, even though I can use them, one at the time, but not modify them.

The copy job I must finish is not so immense and I did it the « old fashion » way. Jog, human read, human write in a file, jog, repeat as many times as needed. Done.

Enjoy the rest of your WE, Philippe

Pretty old thread, but my observation / issue seems to be topical.
With Mach3, I run my original NFS wizards without problems.

When I run CopyCat, I can follow a path and generate a series of points; G-code gets loaded in Mach3 and can be executed.

However, if I attempt to EDIT this code, Mach3 opens the Note editor with an empty file, claiming that the file created by CopyCat could not be found.  An EDIT attempt from within CopyCat triggers the same behavior.

From Win7, I can navigate to the folder in which CopyCat and other scripts write their files. Interestingly, the file I'm looking for is not VISIBLE by Windows, but is displayed if looked after by Mach3 (with a locker symbol),  and it can indeed be re-loaded.

The true issue is that I don't seem to be able to edit this file.

So I wonder if I have a license to use the scripts ? How can I be sure ? I do not remember at the time of purchase if the Wizards were included in my PO or not.

Unless, there is an attribute of that folder that needs to be changed at the system level; I checked that System, Admin, Users all have full credentials for this particular folder. Only the Owner has no credentials, and when I try to change them using my ADMIN rights nothing changes, i.e. the new credentials are not granted.

Grateful for any comment you may provide, enjoy the rest of the week. 

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