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General Mach Discussion / Help please with Mach 3 ref all homing setup
« on: November 13, 2016, 05:59:17 PM »
Super enthusiastic newbie to this whole cnc world, but have one problem....

I recently bought and reassembled a cnc overhead mill... its running a gecko driver and obviously Mach 3 for the control software.

I wired 3 limit switches up in series going to pin 15 of the gecko drive, I have tested the functionality in the diagnostics screen... all good.

I went through the Mach 3 configuring guide to set it all up ... 3 times... I keep hitting a brick wall though.

As I understand it, when I hit the 'Ref All' homing button, the stepper motors should go through the 'homing' routine,
Z axis runs up to the home limit switch, engages that switch, backs off a bit, zeros out and then the procedure jumps to
the next axis... and so on, until the machine has found home on all three axis.

Here is my problem: I hit that 'Ref All' button and the Z motor runs up to the limit switch, engages it and stops moving (no crashing).
The Z-axis distance counter continues to count up (as though the motor is still traveling) and that is it. 

It will not stop adding distance traveled to the Z-axis, even though the motor is stopped, it will not back off of the limit switch and zero-out,
and it will not move on to the next axis.

I have googled the living hell out of it, have found people with similar problems, but their solutions did not resolve my problem, I increased the debounce
to crazy values, I tried modifying the ref all script, though admittedly that could still be a problem.

If anyone can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it...

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