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Okay I´ll go for the manual editing for now then. That is not the smoothest workflow but easier than getting another cam program.

Hmm yes that is a way to get around it I assume. May I ask which cam program you use ?

General Mach Discussion / run g-code by tool not moving to home position
« on: October 20, 2016, 04:49:56 PM »

I usually use a different cnc program, but for a new project I gave the Mach3 Demo version a try because it was easier to config to the driver board.

However now testing some sample gcode I am wondering if it is possible to run the gcode of a certain tool only.
Let´s say I have a circle (tool1) inside of a rectangle (tool2) and I want to run the circle first.
Home is bottom left. Now I want to manually move to the center of the circle and start tool 1 one there WITHOUT moving home first.
After that (stopping in the middle of the circle) I then want to manually move anywhere outside the rectangle and start tool2 there without moving to the home position.

I know I can stop after a tool and interrupt the process but I couldn´t stop it from moving home.
Any chance ?


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