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I don't know.  I guess I would say go with the plate on the motor?
I'll try to get a picture of the other motor.  Hopefully it is readable.

That’s a good deal!
Also, what are the requirements on interfacing an MPG?
Any good, I expensive pendants or MPGs to recommend?

That ZlattePanda looks pretty cool!

Is there an upgrade discount for people who bought Mach a long time ago?

Breakout board recommendations?
I don’t see a need for tons of inputs (famous last words?) on this mill.

The servo drive box has a pretty beefy looking transformer in it to step the voltage down (from 120V) for the existing Glentek servo drives.

Ok. Thanks!
I assume those drives are digital with step/direction control capabilities.
Have any opinions on pulse generators or how to interface with more modern computers since parallel ports are old and not been on PCs for some time? Or just try to buy an okd PC with a parallel port?

I wonder if I could sell off the existing components to offset the cost of the new components.
My inclination is to leave the Mitutoyo linear scales on the machine and either get a DRO or find a way to display it on same PC so I can have a DRO for manual work.
I also would like to retrofit the quill with a motor/drive to make it a 3rd axis.


I just realized that i may have 2 or 3 G320 Geckodrives

Once I looked up the Galil DMC-1020, it was pretty clear that it’s really old and only 2 axis.

Here’s a better pic of one of the Glentek brushed DC servos:


Model: GM4020-39-02006301-6
Torque: 23 In-Lb/368 oz-in (not huge for such large motors)
Resistance: 1.3 ohms
V/1000RPM: 7
Max RPM: 3500

Yes, I’ve already emailed them.
I’m also planning on the strong possibility that I won’t be able to get the Mitutoyo control going, in which case I’ll be trying to retrofit it with Mach 3.

I think the first step in resurrecting the Mitutoyo Millstar CNC control is for me to clone someone else’s disk, since this one doesn’t look it it wants to boot.
When I look at the BIOS screen, it doesn’t show the hard drive, even though I hear it spin up.
Although I’m not sure how many different motion control boards, sero drives, encoders, ... they used or if they stuck with the Galil DMC 1020/10x0 series, Glentek, ...
Then I’ll need tuning and other parameters, so maybe it will be a lot of work to try to get an old control working.

The pictures in the link I posted show the scale (Mitutoyo models AT-102 and AT-111) and you can see one of the brushed DC servo motors.
First, I'd like to see if I can resurrect the Mitutoyo Millstar CNC control.  The computer appears to work, but since I can't get it to boot, I can't really check it out.  I've never used a Millstar, so I don't know what the GUI is like or how easy/hard it is to use.

However, I do want something reliable and good.
Brushless (AC) servo sounds nice, but that'll run a lot of money unless I can score a good deal.
I thought about using Geckodrives.

I'm just looking for manual/docs for things for completeness.  I don't think there's anything wrong with the Gromax head or anything.

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