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General Mach Discussion / Re: in need of help!!
« on: April 03, 2018, 11:41:19 AM »
Thanks for the clarification Craig.
I'm running with the UC100 external motion controller, but I have noticed a difference in the way the CNC runs since I swapped over from my 64 Bit new Laptop to my old 32 Bit Desktop. I don't know why but it feels and sounds different when the CNC is now running.

I will carry out some adjustments on the motor tuning as RICH suggested in case these are set too high

Cheers, Kevin

General Mach Discussion / Re: in need of help!!
« on: April 03, 2018, 07:20:05 AM »
Hi Rich,
I have read your response and will look to implement those tests, however 1 thing I read up on yesterday pointed me to the fact that Mach3 doesn't run on 64 Bit operating systems. I have been running my CNC on 64 Bit Laptops since I had it, and I eliminated the Laptop as the issue as I recently bought a new one and was getting the same drifting issue. Both my new and previous Laptops were on 64 Bit OS.

Yesterday I have found an old 32 Bit OS desktop PC which I initially installed the Mach3 Demo software on, I have connected and reconfigured it and run the code that was causing my original drifting issue, the result was that it ran without issue. I am going to carry on testing various jobs that I had issues with.

I've now noticed that the CNC runs and sounds different, much smoother with less jerky movements, so a combination of 32 vs 64 Bit OS and motor tuning (Acceleration/Velocity) may have been the culprit. I will look to check the motor tuning settings again.

I have found this useful, with lots of pointers. I will post my results of my testing in the next couple of weeks when I can confirm if the issue has gone.

General Mach Discussion / Re: in need of help!!
« on: April 01, 2018, 11:40:05 AM »
Hi Luke,
I also have a similar problem to the one you described, where the last simple step drifts off it's tool path, it's normally on a circle/oval and tends to occur in the same position each time I re-run the tool path.
Did you ever get a response on a possible solution, as i'm racking my brains.

FAQs / Re: Setting Mach 3 Port to PCI parallel port address
« on: July 24, 2016, 11:01:07 AM »
Thanks Tweakie,
Looks like I have problems then,
1. Win 10
2. I can't locate a PCI express parallel card with legacy port addressing and 5 volt output, been trawling the internet but all I can find is a PCI equivalent and not PCI express  :(

So I am thinking of using one of my old 32 bit laptops with Win 8, do you know if there are PCI parallel cards with legacy port addressing and 5 volt output for laptops?

FAQs / Re: Setting Mach 3 Port to PCI parallel port address
« on: July 24, 2016, 07:25:09 AM »
Hi all,
Newby here. Reading through the thread, I think the issue I have is that I need a new parallel card that supports the ability to remap to legacy port address i.e. 0x0378, as my device manager settings for my current Parallel card are showing:
I/O Range BC00-BC07
I/O Range B880-B883

I have set the Mach3 Port #1 to read 0xbc00

However I am still unsure which card to purchase as I also think my issue is that the pin out voltage I have measured on my currently installed Parallel ports pins is 3.34V, I have been reading through the specifications on various PCIex cards but they don't specify what the pin out voltage is. Do I assume that if the card supports legacy remapping, it will also provide the old TTL 5v outputs?

Also, I am running Windows10 (32bit mode) on my PC (HP pavilion 7000) Mach3 demo version is loaded and seems to function ok, are there any known issues with running Win10?

FAQs / Re: Setting Mach 3 Port to PCI parallel port address
« on: July 23, 2016, 11:58:15 AM »

Newby here, I'm unable to communicate to my Router due to a port address problem with Mach 3.

I have a four year old Dell desktop that did not have a Parallel port in it, and so I have installed a manhattan PCI parallel port and installed the software.

This port does not allow re mapping to a legacy port.

Indeed i have tried two other cards, a Sunix and another unbranded both of which state in their manual that they cannot be remapped to legacy ports under windows XP

Mach 3 wants the legacy address of Ox378, but allows a one line modification.

The properties \resources\ of my PCI LPT1 card show
i/o range DCE8-DCEF
i/o range DCFO-DCF7

What do I put in the one line to replace Ox378 in Mach 3 Pins and Ports?
Also, no matter what i type, it always ends up prefixed Ox.

Confused and frustrated

Please help

Hi All,
Am also a newby, and have virtually the same issue above. I am at the point of checking the pin-out voltage at the Parallel port. I have changed the Motor Output on X Y and Z so that I can see the Signal voltage on pins 2, 3 and 4 on the Parallel port and I am currently reading 3.34V on all pins. I am in the program Run screen in Mach3 Demo, I have no error messages scrolling as I have set the E Stop to pin 0. I am not connected to the Break out board as I am just checking that Mach3 is communicating to the Parallel port

From my device manager I can see the new PP PCI express ECP parallel card installed and it says it is working, I have changed the Port #1 address to 0zbc00 in Mach3 to mirror what is in the device manager for the PP.

When I Jog the X, Z, or Z axis the pin 2, 3, or 4 voltage should drop to 0 volts, but in each case it remains at 3.34 volts.
I installed the new PP PCI card and drivers from the provided CD.

I ahve checked in the BIOS and I don't have an option to configure the Parallel port as there is no I/O configure option in the Advanced setting
Very frustrated, as I have tried all the recommendations so far in this thread.

I see from the threads that the issue I have is the voltage of 3.34V instead of the 5Volts required, does anyone have a recommendation of a PCI express Parallel adapter card  - Model and manufacturer??

Please help!!!!

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