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Hello bob.

I have a question about offset in machine vs mach4 coordinates.
On 12 inches jog there is round about 1 inch offset. On 24 inch jog there is 2 inches offset.
How can I synchronize my machine movement with mach4 jogging. My design can tolerate +/-2mm offset. But not more than that.


Yes the user coordinates have set by clicking zero x and etc and it do not change the machine coordinates, ... Thank you bob.


Thank you bob,
It helped alot. But it do not help when I ckick zero X, zero Y, zero Z. The point where I have to start my design I jog the machine at that point and then click "refrence all axes". It makes the three axis zero. And then follow the code. But I am confuse about it because this method also disturb the max and min soft limits.

And one more thing . The gcode shape that appears in mach4 right in the cnc coordinates. The machine starts cutting right at that point where the shape appears. How can I relocate thee shape within the given coordinates.

I worked on it.. And by "Refrence all axes(home)" button , do you mean it to set it before cutting? As in I set the refrence point perticularly for that design.

Or if you meant to set it for setting the coordinates, then how can I set the maximum and minimum limit for all the axis.


I am not using any external home/limit switch on my cnc. and when I enable machine coordinates and drive x-axis it shows maximum 5 inches, whether my cncX-axis is about 96 inches. same is the problem with Y-axis.
how can I set the coordinates without using any external limit switches


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