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hope this does not upset you..
Not at all. Thanks for the reply.

motor tuning page whether the settings you had previously made are still there
Yes they have been saved. I have made this mistake before but not this time...

I did. Not 100% sure what I should be looking for? It says system excellent but apparently that is not a real indication? The line is flat but not super smooth, at 25kHz it has small bumps all over, at 100kHz only a few.

At 25kHz I get max variation between 3 and 7us.
At 100kHz between 2.4 and 3.0us on average.

I am running on a Win7 32bit box. My other machine runs on XP. I tried the Vista registry patch but it did not make a difference.
Thinking I should try another PC, maybe see if I still have an XP install...


First post. Been using Mach3 for a couple of years with Gerry's 2010 screen set on my large router. Awesomeness!

Today I have a problem. I am converting my small CNC router to be Mach3 compatible via parallel port. I removed the USB motion controller to use it on another machine.
When I do the motor tuning the axis moves smooth as expected - I have tested a range of velocities and acceleration all with no problem.
As soon as I close the motor tuning window and try to jog or run gcode the axis moves with grinds, jerking and stalls.

Any ideas?

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