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Thx for the reply,I have hooked my uc300 on to a Bob and  from Bob to the transistor ckt.  That u have given in the ckt diagram above.the only thing is that I made the ckt on a breadboard.as far as UB1 is concerned ,as Gerry said it only works with uc300eth whereas mine is uc300 usb.
             Second thing is that I tried to run the stepper motor with the same connections (I.e pc( mach3) to uc300usb,to bob,from Bob to stepper drive) and it works well and the stepper motor runs smoothly.
But when it comes to driving a servo motor,it's not working.can u plz tell me if pulse and sign of the servo drive is to be given 24v signals as uc300 is a ttl device,and how to get 24v signals from a 5v Bob.can u suggest some circuitry.
Thx and regards

hi craig
,i am coming here after a year almost.just got  some time to setup my bench setup of delta servo uc 300 and mach 3.i tried as we discussed.but my servo motors not moving .then i tried a parallel setup with stepper motor and the same bob,uc 300 and mach 3 and it worked.but with servo i havent got any luck in moving it.i just checked voltage levels of outputs from my bob and it shows near to 5 v(precisely 4.89v).
               i feel pulse and sign inputs for delat servo drive asda b2 is 24v.i tried to read the manual but couldnt found it anywhere written in the manual about the magnitude of signals to fed to pulse and sign inputs.
all i can get is written open collector outputs.
can u plz help with this
thx and regards
 and yes merry xmas to you.

Thx Craig,
I guess I can start now but on the desk and not on the actual machine.once my bench setup is complete and servo motor is running as desired,I will go for the actual setup on my lathe.
I can't thank you enuff Craig for supporting me so much.
I will let u know the results asap.

I don't want to blow it anyway.
Better to be safe than sorry.
Can u help me with a circuit diagram on how to hook a transistor or a mosfet or a buffer ic to the Bob.


Once again thx Craig,
I will try the Bob I have on the desk and see if it can handle 24v,can u let me know how to hook a transistor ,mosfet or buffer ic .all I know is some basic electronics.can u give me a ckt. Diagram along with part number to hook to my Bob.

S0 I will use the drive in position control mode and do u think my Bob that I have  can be used or shall I have to buy UB1.
But again if I go for ub1 Bob it only works with uc300eth as said by Gerry
Cuz now I am planning to run the setup on table before connecting to the actual machine.,hope it works well,and if I have still anyn

Jeetesh  mm

Or even a resolution of 5 microns is even fine for me.

Thanks Craig and Gerry for the quick help,
As per my servo specs,it has a 17 bit incremental encoder and it's 3000rpm and 2.4nm torque. My ball screw is 32mm dia 5mm pitch and I plan to have 2:1 reduction.
A 2.5 microns resolution is perfect for me cuz it's a conventional lathe and I don't intend to use it at full 3000rpm,cuz with reduction it will automatically be half of full rpm.thats fine for me.
  My drive manual says it can accept frequencies of max 200khz with open collector and 500khz with line driver.
I will definitely go with open collector to reduce the complications.
So, how to hook up signals coming from uc300 and Bob to drive.
Do I need some additional driver circuitry for open collector (I.e from mach3 to uc300 to Bob and in between Bob and drive do I need to put any driver).
Or I can directly feed the signal from uc300/Bob to the pulse/sign input of the drive?



Thanks Craig for the immense help,I will follow your instructions on spindle,but I was talking about axis drives.
I am using the above said servo drive for my X and Z axis.
Will uc 300 be helpful with axis movement.
If yes how can I wire or configure it for moving my axis.


It's a usb uc300

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