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General Mach Discussion / 6 axis mach3 and Jcode
« on: February 09, 2017, 09:08:48 AM »
I ma using 6axis screenset,and Jcode for teaching.Jogging manually and playback,but look like Jcode only supports 3 axis .Is there away to edit Jcode support upto 6 axis
Thank you

all pics

AC Spindle + AC servo

a closer look,AC spindle is Mitsubishi SJ-11XW8 rated 7.5kW,max 11kW.AC spindle also has a ac spindle drive MDS-B-SP-220

and 3 Mitsu rated 2kW AC servo motor with increment encoder 25000ppr OSE253

AC servo drive is MDS-B-SVJ2-20 rated 2kW

NC controller is FCA64-B,i think this is the 1st version,right ?

Base I/O is FCU6-DX541 and there is a HR211 on it.

terminal comunication + keyboard is BKO-NC6212 Modle MDT962B-1A

And finally is a power supply

yes,i found that it uses  fibre optic connection.Now i have NC unit controller,Base I/O,drive for both AC spindle and AC servo motor,terminal comunication and power supply.But i have read in the user manual of MELDAS M64 here

There is also Remote I/O,Scan I/O..do i need these things to run this Meldas M64 ?
Thank you

I have just bought these stuff:

3pcs Mitsu HA100NC-S rated 2kW + 3pcs Mitsu MDS-B-SVJ2 servo drive rated 2.0kW
1pcs Mitsu AC spindle motor rated 7.5kW + 1 pcs Mitsu spindle drive unit MDS-B-SP-220
And some other stuff,but i think i will try if these things could work with Mach3 or Cslab first.

Some real pics :

I found some manual here.

But i can not see which pins for step/dir to connect to Mach3,so i think its use analog 0-10volt.
please anyone help me this servo motor can work with CSMIO analog version ? And how to connect,thank you  :'(

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