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Problem solved.
Tweakie. I reinstalled software and problem is solved.
Thank you for all  input and help.
I will be back once I get it up and running.

Thank you for your reply. No error message comes up on the screen.  Should I update software because it 2 year project to get this far?

New to this forum new to the cnc world. I converted an old bridge port cnc mill and installed new stepper motors.  I am running Mach 3 (demo version). I down loaded Mach 3 about 2 years ago. The computer is not hooked up to the internet. The one problem that I'm having is with the Wizards  Cut Circle by Kiran. When you open the cut circle wizards by Kiran and type necessary  number to make the circle and then press the button post a G code, the tool display box on the upper right goes  blank and nothing happens. And when you press the exit button it will only post the G code that is by default programed. How can I solve this problem?  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks

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