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Hey guys,
I have a problem with the machine making a radius when it should be a hard 90 deg. turn.  It seems to only be when the machine goes from +X to -Y. 
I have played around with the velocity settings and it seems that the error gets greater as the velocity increases.
I have used the same program block by block and it works fine.
Any suggestions??

Hi Guys,
Looks like a lot of talent on this forum. I'm hoping to absorb some of it.
The company I work for, just purchased a router from Ind. CNC.  I'm new to the Mach software.  Keith has been very helpful with the setup phase.  I am just now starting to tweak the g code for the new machine.
My background has been mostly in the petrochemical industry, 21 years in Instrumentation/Controls.  Now doing maintenance at a steel door manufacturing company.
Looking forward to learn from you guys!

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