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OK I found the solution.
Looking closer to input4 and the manual again I figured that there is no power...I found another thread on the XZero forum where somebody showed his way to wire proximity switches. Long story short, you have to bridge power from +V12 VDCout to the optocoupler, then it works.
Easy ... HaHaHa... ::)

Anyhow problem solved, thanks for your input and help!

OK I got some more information or better suggestions how to encircle the problem.

I unpluged the UC100 motion controller from the MX4660 and used a short thin wire to connect PIN 13 to Ground, guess what happen... the yellow light went out. I checked on the other PINs 10 -12, same effect, the UC100 appears to work.

However, that leaves me with the question, how to proceed?
I mean how can I check,  better make sure that the MX4660 is really the problem. If this would be the case, I would buy a new one and since they are not really inexpensive I would like to be sure.

And ... I did load the newest software version from the CNC motion website and attached the XML file to this post.


[quote author=robertspark link=topic=33086.msg229828#msg229828 date=1471371535}....
are you sure its not some sort of a ground loop issue? what happens if you unplug the leadshine drive at the DB25 connector?

I actually unpluged  the UC100 which caused the E-Stop light up... no change in these little yellow squares from Pin 10 to 13....  ??? I would assume that they should not light up anymore since now there shouldn't be a signal.  ???

I tried to upload the XML file but this doesn't work....


..... something is not wired correctly.

I checked that almost a gazillion times and can't find a problem with wiring.  ???
According to manufacturer recommendations the black wire, which is connected to the clip, should be attached to GROUND at the controller and the red wire should go to INPUT4. INPUT4 is connected to PIN13 and PIN13 is also set in the Mach3 "Probe" settings. I choosed PIN13 according to the MX4660 manual, if I choose another pin Mach3 shows the following "Probe ignore, activated at call for probe", this message also comes up if I flip the "active low" setting.  If I choose another INPUT e.g. INPUT3 with the appropriate PIN, nothing happen.
As I said, I checked the wires and connections of the touch plate with a multimeter and that doesn't seem to be a problem.
Here is a video of the touch plate...


When I was looking around to find the problem I realized something that I find strange, but might be normal.

The UC100 monitor shows PIN13 constantly light up in yellow and also the PINs for the proximity sensors. I would assume that these lights should come up if there is "activity" and be off if there is none. PIN15 is connected to the E-Stop, so I hit the E-Stop button and the little square light up in yellow, if I release the E-Stop button the light goes off. If I activate one of the proximity sensors with a piece of metall, the light at the sensor goes on but nothing happen to the little square behing the according PIN number, they all  remain constant yellow. They more I think about that I would assume that this is not right.
PIN13 also light up if nothing is connected, same with the PIN 10, 11, and 12, disconnecting the proximity sensors changed nothing, they stay ON, means the little square remains yellow.

The LED must be OFF when the plate is not touching anything.

Thanks for the info.

I checked this again. Nothing lights up if I touch the little clamp with the plate. Then I changed Active Low... unfortunately no difference, but now Mach3 doesn't start the Z Axis anymore, I can see a short message instead.
I switched back to active low enabled. Here is a short video, the probe lights up immediately when I start the auto zeroing, the Z-axis starts but didn't stop when touching the plate. ???


Thank you for your input!

If "probe" lights up immediately, you have Active Low set wrong in ports and pins -> inputs, flip that and test by touching the plate to the tool, the probe led must light when touched and go off when not.

I was wondering about that  and I had flipped the high low settings already, but I will test this again.


Hello all,

I am running a CNC router equipped with a leadshine MX4660, UC100-
CNC USB motion controller and Mach3.  So far for a couple of month everything runs more or less OK. Now I tried to install a probe to automatically zero the tool.   The probe is from cncrouterparts but basically no different to the other probes used. A piece of aluminum with a two conductor wire and a little clamp.
It is hooked up to INPUT 4 and GROUND on the MX4660. In Mach3 I am using Port1 and Pin 13 as pointed out in the leadshine manual. I used the script provided on the website of cncrouterparts.

The script works nicely. If I push the "Auto tool zero" button the Z axis moves down slowly.... but .... didn't stop when hitting the probe. So I started investigating, the probe seems to be OK I tested it with a multimeter just to make sure, there can't be a lot wrong with such a probe anyhow. I tested my connections to the leadshine controller and they were OK. I looked at the UC100 IN/OUT monitor and the concerning point was that nothing was lighten up when  I touched the probe with the little clamp.
As you can see in the picture, the "Probe" lights up in the moment the Auto Zero buttion is pushed, but the movement of the Z axis doesn't stop when the tool hits the probe.
So I am kinda puzzled what else could be the problem, I am kinda concerned that either the controller or the UC100 has a problem but that will be hard to find out.
Currently I think about an new motion controller.

Any thoughts? Anybody with the same setup and similar problems?

Appreciate any input.


Code: [Select]
[code]Message( "Auto Tool Zeroing..." )

If IsSuchSignal (22) Then
isMetric = GetOEMLED(801)
Zprobe = -3
Zretract = 1.5
ZfeedRate = 10
If isMetric = 0 Then   
Zprobe = Zprobe * 25.4
Zretract = Zretract * 25.4
ZfeedRate = ZfeedRate *25.4
TouchPlateHeight = TouchPlateHeight * 25.4   
End If
Call SetDRO( 2, 0.00 )
code "G31 Z" & Zprobe & " F" & ZfeedRate
While IsMoving()
Call SetDRO( 2, TouchPlateHeight )
code "G1 Z" & Zretract
End If

General Mach Discussion / Re: Video issue
« on: March 30, 2016, 03:02:37 PM »
OK ... even though this thread is already old.... thanks for this info, using this little plugin solved the problems with the camera and Mach3 described above.


Hell all,

Technology has changed a lot .......

I thought so... however, I wasn't quite sure.  It was kinda hard to imagine that some G Code can bring modern computer to its limit that is able to run a flight sim or other graphics power demanding computer games, some of them even with on board graphics.
Some of the information out there should probably be updated    ;)


thank you for your answer!

OK, good to know. I was a little bit under the impression that it might be better to have one... but if everything works just as well with the UC100 USB controller then OK I don't need a parallel port.

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