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FAQs / Which type of limit switches
« on: March 08, 2016, 04:25:45 AM »
Few question about limit switches, in term of selecting of limit switches, I notice majority go for mechanical type limit switches,

is it better/easier to setup compared to light sensor limit switches?

what is the pros and cons for these limit switches?

I'm currently using mechanical switches and planing to upgrade to something better/more sensitive, is sensor type switches the way to go? is the wiring same as mechanical limit switches?

thanks in advance.

finally got my answer from xhc, thanks Alex.

If not wrong I think full size board need external 5v supply, usb power is not enough to drive it.

here the photo of my machine when completed, is the biggest I can make them due to limited space and material resources, work piece size around 240mmx240mm, smaller then what I initial planned. the electronics are now in a nice small box I made from mdf board. 4th axis will be next after convert all mdf parts to alum parts.

do share your machine photo if possible, thanks.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the input, so you only have 3 connection between you xhc & vfd? if so now you spindle speed is controlled using mach3 am I rite?

I'm using their newer 4 axis compact model, 5v power is supplied by usb, should have pay bit more for their 4axis full size one so in future can try mod it 6 axis as what you done :)

I'm using 4A nema23 for all 3 axis and 3x 24v-80v drivers running 48v 10A psu, to be safe I set my drivers output to 3A below the stepper motor max amp, my drivers can support up to 6amp.

800w water cooled spindle with 1.5kw VFD.

so far so good and now going into next phase to upgrade the initial mdf board parts to aluminum, which having hard time getting them over here as no one want to sell small cuts... :'( most likely have to buy from aliexpress 

Hi all, I setup my DIY CNC machine months ago and all works fine, now I'm hopping to hookup my VFD to XHC board so MACH3 can control the spindle speed, the problem here is both VFD & XHC card terminals are using different naming so I'm not sure which is which and how to connect them, I wouldn't want to try as I worry might risk damaging the board or vfd if connect wrongly, their support also not responding any email I sent, so pretty much stuck with current manual control setup.

attached is the pic of the board and vfd terminals, hope guru here can shade some lights, thanks in advance.


Hi Paul,

I'm using XHC board too, and I'm having same problem figuring out the connection to my VFD so MACH3 can control the speed, possible for you to share a simple wiring diagram how you connect between the board and VFD?

attached is pic of my board and vfd terminals


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