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Galil / Spindle control with Galil controller: 0 to 10V
« on: December 04, 2015, 12:03:25 AM »
Dear All ,

       I am using Galil 2143 controller with Mach3. I have installed Galil plugin and configured three axes for servo motor and the 4th Axis for spindle control. My servo motors are running fine. But I am facing problem with Spindle axis, Galil controller is not giving 0 to 10V output for the VFD to control the spindle speed. I mapped Mach3 "S" axis to the Galil  "W" Axis and checked the "Spindle is 0 to 10V". Please help me to setup and run the VFD Spindle with 0V to 10V output from the Galil .

Note: SM Jumper for W axis is not used.

I have changed the Accel. Values in the Config>Motor Tuning Section and now it works fine. For Linear interpolation, With low Accel Value motors are sre starting/stopin slowly and with high Accel Values Starting/Stoping rapidly. For the circular interpolation (G02 & G03) also I have tried the same , but high and low Accel values are not giving any difference in the motion. 

Dear All,

       I need to set Acceleration and deacceleration time for linear interpolation in mach3. I have tried with Mach3>config>Motor Tuning> Acceleration , but no effects on the vector acceleration and deacceleration in linear interpolation. can anyone tell me how to set the accel. and deaccel. time values in mach3 ?

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