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Hello, my name is Tim. We are based just south of Bath in England.

We tried to source a CNC machine / Router from a UK company (based in the South West) but after several months all I managed to extricate from them was a quote.
My company required not just the machine but some setup help / expertise which we were willing to pay for. In our third month now of chasing them and sending them samples we have decided to take the plunge and buy a 3040T-DQ from ebay.

What we are looking for is someone who is willing to help setup the machine and a few programmes*

1. Basic Engraving on an 80mm x 80mm plastic plate
2. Engraving small plastic keyfobs with two lines of numbers

We have downloaded and paid for a licensed copy Mach 3 and are ready for a suitable candidate to help us get going.

I wondered if someone here would be willing for either an hourly rate of fixed amount to help us - either in person (you will have to be fairly local to the Bath / Bristol area) or via a Remote Connection ( TeamViewer etc.)

The 3040 is connected to the PC (running Windows XP) and we have manual control of the XY & Z axis but that's as far as we have got.

Many thanks in advance


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