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SmoothStepper USB / Re: Smoothstepper and motor tuning
« on: March 14, 2016, 03:52:12 PM »
I have a similar problem with the motor tuning. Plus Mach3 continually sending data to the ESS after setting up the ESS address. Received a lot of help from Greg from Warp9, bought new ESS but same symptoms and faults. Fault occurred after running perfectly for months. Then had to sign in to run Mach3 as if Mach3 had just been installed. (I suspect Windows 10 may be involved). Also installed Mach3 on my laptop and got same results!!

Anyway were you able to find a solution?
Best regards

SmoothStepper USB / Mach3 Senses ESS but no comms
« on: March 14, 2016, 10:36:52 AM »
The Mach3 has been working perfectly under windows 10 for months.
Then one day on starting Mach3 I had to sign the license again before being allowed to open Mach3.
Mach3 "Senses hardware" and opens the "Wake up dialog box"
The wake up dialog box informs me that there is no reply and opens the Ethernet Configuration dialog box.
I insert the ESS address and the dialog boxes close.
The Port Pin - Motor Outputs are remembered, but there is a problem with the Motor Tuning dialog box.
There is no motor outline shape shown in the video window. Moving the sliders immediately sets the acceleration and velocity to zero. I can type a value into the acceleration field and it will hold. Typing a value into the velocity field immediately returns to zero when any other button in the Motor Tuning dialog box is clicked.
Clicking on an axis -x,y, or z and then clicking on velocity or acceleration seems to cause the x,y, or z button to lose focus or highlight.
WireShark shows the following comms going on forever.
19   29.411088   UDP   86   5021 → 9  Len=44
20   29.412205   UDP   174   9 → 5021  Len=132
21   29.412375   UDP   86   5021 → 9  Len=44
22   29.413770   UDP   174   9 → 5021  Len=132
26   29.626785   UDP   150   4096 → 5020  Len=108

Until I close Mach3.
The addresses conform with ESS normal practice as follows:
For some reason I got distracted with the ESS and ended up buying a new one! But it's the same fault.

I have uninstalled Mach3 and deleted the folders but whatever version I download I get the same problem.

I hope someone can throw light on this problem

Just read the web page: -  http://www.ofitselfso.com/LineGrinder/LineGrinder.php  and it looks like exactly what I want.

Many regards

I can't believe that I am the first to have this problem, but I could not find anything about it in the forums. So here goes.
Below is a part of the code created by RS's DesignSpark:

G04 EasyPC Gerber Version 18.0.8 Build 3632 *

The Mach 3 has issues with the following lines:
G04 EasyPC Gerber Version 18.0.8 Build 3632 *
X0Y0D02* (does not like no spaces between X0, Y0, and D02. Does not like the "*" at the end)
D02 *

Is there a setting on the Mach 3 to accommodate the above problems. Or is there an application that will clean up my gcode to Mach 3 standard?

Thanks in advance,
Michael Thorp

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