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Been quite regular here too Roger,
the strange thing is if i run it from an extension cable to the house into a Kitchen wall socket it never trips, now i had an electrician install my garage with full power and fuse box with an extra earth strap just for the BP.....it trips....not always though ...some days i would be running the BP for a few hours and no trip....other days 10 minutes and a trip, had a sparky down with his boss on the phone ...they were still baffled......the garage is on its own breaker on the house consumer....makes sense what you said though....its a common thing now.


HSM advisor looks similar to what i been using, only on g-wizard it only gives 2 options for alu, cast or wrought.

Thanks Hood i owe you a drink!

replaced the top bearing today and its running noticably quieter.......i wont be taking it past 2500rpm in future, i adjusted the QC nut too, it tightens right up now when before it came to a stop and didnt feel that tight.....i had to make some screws to fit it, and the longer one to stop the nut totally unscrewing, its got 6 screws instead of the 3,
ran it tonight using some 20mm mild steel.......faced it, shaped it, put a couple of 12mm pockets in it then chamfered the whole edge all using the midi function, everything went really well, then i turned the mill off and it tripped the lecky, everything went black and i banged my head trying to get out, then the misses gave me a wollop for bringing chippings in the house,
so im sitting here with 2 lumps on my head...... progress


Top spindle bearing goosed........just ordered one (7209)....bottom 2 seem fine.......im using g_wizard for the speed and feeds... i know the mills only 2hp...didnt think 20mm was that bad to be honest....im still learning though.


General Mach Discussion / carbide inserts
« on: September 06, 2015, 10:09:15 PM »
i have a WNT facemill with a broken insert...on the side of the tool it says XD..11T3
i cant seem to locate any anywhere apart from India,
is there another insert that will match up and easier to find?


Thanks for replies
il drop tool diam..to 14mm and run at 3500.....460 feed 0.5 pass


disabled them......seem to work ok....it just kept rattling the tool holder out of the chuck....and was super noisy...it didnt stop though....im cutting 7075 t6
at 3000 rpm 1272 feed at 0.5 per pass.....using 20mm 3flt hss long flute......60 stickout. with white water coolant  (flood)


cant seem to find an option to....theres a pop up with ticks and crosses refering to x y and z........homing limits?

Going into Estop,
ok Hood, i will disable the limit switches in ports and pins........i guess this will disable the bed and z axis limit switches then?


Oh well that must of been a lucky cut...tried the mill today and it stalled again in mid path.....cutting at a light rough pass with 0.5 depth  sooo
i detroyed more stock and time and money.
im about to give it all up after 8 months of loss after loss after time consuming headaches....i wish i never bought this thing....its a bridgeport that wont cut aluminium....


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