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or if its output from the cam as mm and in the gcode its already set to g21...then just leave that and mach (set in inches) will be fine....???

ok..now you're confusing me...ha...

so you're saying just change it to g21 and all is good...maybe i didn't explain well?

so the code i have will be in mm....change it to g20....so how does it know to do a conversion? if the original line of code was x25.4 y25.4 z25.4 and i change it to inches...won't it just read it as 25.4 inches?...

okay so its just doing it in the background...if its 1 inch it will make it 25.4mm etc etc etc

ok..yes my code has a line for g20 already...so just switch that to g21 and vice versa etc...

..but you don't have to do anything else even if your mach is set to inches??
sounds like voodoo magic...

okay...i see...so just switch out that line in the file..only used once...

okay...so i dont need to change my units at all...keep it the same (inches) and put the code in the file.??

Is there a specific spot the code should go?? can you give example?


I always run my machine in inches, but now I have some code output from different software that only does mm.
So should i create a new profile and set unit to mm and change motor tuning settings accordingly.

Just figure its easier to just fire up the appropriate profile then...one for inches, one for mm.

thoughts? suggestions...

I generally never touch anything once i start cutting..just happened to try it this one time ...and now i know.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Using f engrave
« on: October 28, 2016, 09:53:41 AM »

I just started my first try with fengrave...i am doing a cleanup pass after and for some reason is does not line up properly with the first v cut pass

it looks almost like it needs to offset more by the amount radius of the bit

i overlaid the cleanup pass in magenta on top of the vcarve for reference to see what i mean.

I cut my first vcarve pass, loaded the clean up pass leaving my x and y origin untouch and simply rezeroed .

has anyone else experienced this?

2010 screenset...when i orbit in the view(toolpath) window while cutting the machine stops...

Is this a normal thing that mach does?
I was cutting a part and noticed the retract wasn't right so i went to orbit in the window to see what it looked like..as soon as i orbit the machine stops and goes into reset.

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