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General Mach Discussion / Mach3 Plasma plate alignment problem.
« on: March 06, 2021, 08:52:02 AM »

I am using the code below to align the sheet above on the plasma cutting machine.

If GetUserLED(1010)=1 Then
   SetUserLED(1010   ,0)      
End If

dx = GetOEMDRO( 800 )
dy = GetOEMDRO( 801 )
Pi = Atn( 1 ) * 4

If Abs( dx ) > Abs( dy ) Then ' horizontal, near X axis
   angle = Atn( dy / dx )
Else ' vertical, near Y axis
   angle = Atn( - dx / dy )
End If

angle = angle / Pi * 180
ret = MachMsg("A = " & roun(angle) & "° Confirmar Alinhamento", "Axis Rotation", 4)
If ret = 6 Then ' Yes
   SetOEMDRO(118, angle) 'Code("G68X0Y0R" & angle)
   Message("A = " & roun(angle) & "°")
   While IsMoving()
   angleF = GetOEMDRO( 118 )
   Code("G0 X104.14Y10.15")
   While IsMoving()
   SetOEMDRO(118, angleF)
   While IsMoving()
   While IsMoving()

End If   

The code works well but when I need to pause the cut and then cut again the machine loses the position of the axes and presents the error radius to end of arc differs from radius to start.

Has anyone experienced this problem, what may be happening, what configuration can I change to solve the problem?

General Mach Discussion / Reduce plasma machine speed at corners.
« on: August 30, 2017, 03:42:42 PM »

I have a machine with Mach 3 with a plasma source from Hypertherm and the Sheet cam, I'm trying to implement speed reduction in corners and holes to improve cut quality.

It includes a cutting rules in the Sheet cam to reduce the speed in the corners and in the small holes, the machine does the reduction of the speeds however when it does that reduction of speed the machine of a stop, reason why I realized it it decelerates totally and soon it accelerates Again being stopped a bit in place leaving the piece a little marked by the machine getting a little stopped.

Is there any other way to slow down in Sheet Cam or Mach3, I tried to change the CV settings in Mach 3 but did not change anything.

General Mach Discussion / Hypertherm PHC Sensor with Mach3.
« on: April 24, 2015, 07:27:16 AM »
I have a client who has a thc of Hypertherm model PHC Sensor, and want to integrate it with a machine with mach3 this thc work only with the signals START and deactivation in the corner of the entrance and ARC output OK.

How do I configure mach3 to enable an exit when you're in the corner and disable this output when it is no longer in the corner?

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